The Lewisville High School volleyball team dropped a pair of matches last week to bring their record to 3-9 in district play with just two matches remaining on the season.

The Lady Farmers traveled to Southlake to take on the Carroll High School Dragons on Friday Oct. 13. The Dragons swept the Farmers 3-0 (25-13, 25-13, 25-17). The Farmers struggled against the Dragons, putting together one of their weakest performances this season. Meredith Wagley led Lewisville with six kills. She also had five digs in the match.

“I don’t know if we were just mentally kind of tired or kind of out of it,” head coach Libby Rodriguez said. “Some key players just kind of had an off night and then we just didn’t have any energy.”

The Farmers hosted the Flower Mound Jaguars on Tuesday, Oct. 17 and were swept 3-0 (25-16, 25-17, 25-18).

The Farmers struggled with consistency all night against the Jaguars and that doomed any chance they had of pulling the upset.  A high number of Farmers’ pass attempts were poorly placed and went over the net. This made for easy kill attempts from Flower Mound players.

“If we push [the ball] over, those tall middles have full range to do whatever they want with the ball,” Rodriguez said.

Outside hitter Meredith Wagley led the Lady Farmers with 11 kills against Trinity Sept. 29. Photo from Sept. 12 match at Marcus High School. (Photo by Ibifiri Jamabo)

From the opening set the Farmers’ consistency issues were on full display. While the Farmers didn’t play poorly, they were never able to get any rhythm together. By the time the Farmers were able to win more than two rallies in a row the Jaguars had already built a 18-11 lead on them. Though the Farmers played well down the stretch in the first set, the damage had already been done, and the Jaguars defeated them 25-16.

Midway through the second set Lewisville looked like it might even up the match at one game apiece. The Farmers were leading the Jaguars 13-11 and controlling the net. Flower Mound was able to regain momentum and capitalize on a few Lewisville mistakes en route to 14 more points on the board to win the match 25-17.

Lewisville took a convincing lead in the third set. Up 10-4 on the Jaguars it looked like the Farmers would run away with the set and force Flower Mound to have to play a fourth set in order to get the match victory over the Farmers. Flower Mound went on a 6-0 run and tied the game up at 10-10 before Rodriguez called a timeout to try to calm the Farmers down. The timeout was ineffective for them, having already lost their momentum. The Jaguars were able to win set three 25-18 to complete the sweep of the Farmers.

“All bets are off in the game of volleyball,” Rodriguez said. “It’s such a game of momentum and they got it back and it was hard for us to take it back from them.”

Flower Mound did a great job of capitalizing when middle blocker Isis Williams was out of the rotation. The Jaguars were able to keep her off the court for long stretches of the game by going on runs during her time on the bench. Williams finished the match with eight kills and two blocks.

The Farmers host Byron Nelson Friday, Oct. 20 before ending their season at Trinity on Tuesday, Oct. 24.