Lewisville mayor calls out Lt. Governor over blaming cities for problems

Mayor Rudy Durham (Photo courtesy City of Lewisville)

Lewisville Mayor Rudy Durham released the following statement Monday afternoon:

Much of the 2017 regular and special sessions of the Texas Legislature has been focused on measures that would hamper the ability of cities to provide basic services to their residents. It has appeared for months that many officials in Austin view cities as the enemy.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made that sentiment public in a recent national television interview, blaming cities for “all our problems in America.”

That statement is blatantly false, and it is unfortunate that Mr. Patrick either truly believes what he is saying or is trying to use attacks on cities as a springboard to what he perceives as a higher office in the future.

The fact is that cities have been active and effective partners with the state throughout the Texas Miracle that saw our state’s economy lead the nation for many years. Cities are the source of most job growth and job creation in Texas, not state government. Cities have been on the front line of a thriving economy and are in great position to continue that growth – if the state allows it.

It is no accident that Texas cities dominate national rankings for population growth, job growth, income growth, and resident satisfaction with quality of life. All of that could change if state officials are successful in passing laws that would cripple the ability of cities to effectively respond to the needs and wants of their residents and business communities.

I once again call on local Legislators to stand strong for the thriving cities in Southern Denton County, and to stand against unwarranted and damaging attacks on the long-standing Texas tradition of local control.


  1. IF the GOP is so gung-ho about local control (as opposed to federal), WHY are they also trying to take control away from our cities? Could it be they are wanting control just for themselves? How can our state government be responsive to the needs of individual cities? This just does not make sense to me.

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