Letters to the editor


Rebuild Hedrick Elementary

Dear Editor,

I am very concerned regarding an upcoming bond package option that proposes destroying both Hedrick Elementary and Middle schools but only rebuilds the middle school, dispersing over 600 Hedrick elementary kids to whatever schools can absorb them.
And I’m not just standing around complaining about it. I am fighting fiercely to get a rebuild for Hedrick Elementary. I am on the bond committee as a representative for Hedrick Elementary. I have lobbied three superintendents, two principals and numerous board members over the last 10 years to rebuild both schools.

I even suggested other nearby locations for the elementary or middle school to be built so that my community can still have two schools within walking distance.
Currently more than half of Hedrick’s student body walks to school because their families lack adequate transportation. However these children are relatively safe as there are always adult eyes watching them. Crossing guards and teachers make sure the kids don’t get into trouble as they come from across the street or down the road.

If this proposed option is passed, these children will become bus riders, as even the closest school is over a mile away. Their parents can’t protect their children at the bus stops, as many of them work multiple jobs to pay rent.
Who will make sure there’s no bullying or that an abductor doesn’t snatch one of them while they wait for the bus?

Many of these affected kids are new to the country and may not be as savvy as those of us who know about molesters and perverts and what they do. These children are too young and immature to know better, and we owe it to them to protect them.

Hedrick Elementary is desperately in need of help. Even the members of our bond committee agreed when they toured the facility in September. The building is substandard in many areas but our teachers soldier on in spite of that.
Hedrick Elementary needs to be rebuilt. The architects say it’s doable. The neighborhood says it’s doable. We just need the board to agree it is something that needs to be done.

Shannon Richardson

Where are the stop signs?

Dear Editor,

Is there a reason why there are no stop signs for traffic exiting the parking lot at the new Denton County Regional Government Center?

There are four entrances/exits—two on Valley Parkway and two on Civic Center Drive.
I’ve seen several near miss incidents, especially on Valley Parkway with its heavy traffic. There are no stop signs on any of these exits.

You would think with our “expert” planners, something could be done before someone gets hurt.

Thank you,
Robert R. Owens

Coping with Trump

Dear Editor,
Recently, the UK voted to leave the European Union after being a member since 1973, a decision commonly known as “Brexit.” The UK is going to be independent again after nearly 50 years while the US is going to be steered under the helm of somebody who never played in politics.

UK citizens who oppose “Brexit” have formed a way to bond by identifying each other by means of attaching a safety pin on there close next to the breast area. Recently, citizens of the US who are opposing Donald Trump are doing the same to give each other comfort and to serve as a signal for those who need a sounding-board.

Although the trend is spreading, it has its critics. Zack Linly of The Washington Post wrote that the idea is ineffective. Doing this is “akin to police officers handing us ice cream when we asked them to stop murdering us.”

If someone chooses to do this one should ask: Do I have the temperament to handle criticism or humiliation, and do I have what it takes to handle unexpected backlash from those I’m trying to help?

Andrew A. Wyatt

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