Letter to the Editor: Net neutrality vital


Dear Editor,
I use the internet for my work. I use it to socialize. I use it to purchase goods and services. The internet is a tool that I cannot live without, and I am not alone in this.

Across the globe, more then three billion people, around half the world population, rely on the internet for their news, their entertainment and their livelihood. The level of dependence may vary, but it is undeniable that equal digital access to any website that a user may wish to visit is fundamental and paramount to anyone who wishes to do more then browse their local networks or check e-mails.

Any attempt to remove this neutrality of the internet is an attempt to control not only communication, but the flow of knowledge, the access to work opportunity, and indeed the very wealth of options that is essential to internet utilization. It is violation of personal choice and freedom on a grand scale, so much so that it leaves millions if not billions unable to function as they had. It is, in short, an attack more grand and devastating then any terrorist.

I implore you to use your own powers as the one who analyzes and publishes records of events to warn as many as you can. If enough people are aware of the impending catastrophe that net neutrality’s fall would cause, it is possible that they will band together and prevent it.

Save the Free and Open Internet.

Reid Priddy

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