Letter to the editor: City should have lowered tax rate


Dear Editor,
The Lewisville City Council just finished an exhausting budget workshop. They funded necessary items such as police, fire, various city services, and staff. They also gave most city employees a 5% raise.  When was the last time you received a raise that large for doing the same thing day in and day out?

Where did they get this money? They took it out of your home, literally. What City Councilman Neil Ferguson calls a “robust surplus,” is really taking more money out of your paycheck. Why? Because our neighbors decided to sell in a good market, make some good profit, and leave.  They left us with higher home values, but no change in income. Thus, the City Council has decided you owe more money, on average $76 more per year from now on, or over $187 more per year the last four years.

The tax rate could have been lowered and still provided a budget increase, albeit with smaller, more reasonable raises. The City Council Members need to be more responsible stewards of our tax dollars, remembering that “extra funds” or a “robust surplus” isn’t found money. It was “found” in our wallets.

– Brian Kelly, Lewisville

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