Happy Thanksgiving, Lewisville!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Photo by Stockxpert.com)


As I write this, it’s Thanksgiving morning still, and I’ve been up for hours cooking today’s feast for my family.  The ham and the green bean casserole are in the oven, and more will go in later.

Busy as I am these days juggling the many duties of my career, my family, and this newspaper, I quite often fail to pause and think about how fortunate I am to have these things to juggle.

An attitude of gratitude is just the thing to keep a good perspective.  Thanksgiving holiday is that pause that we all need.

Today, I’m grateful for most of the things that we all can be grateful for:  the basics in life— food, clothing, and shelter. Family, career, and the divine providence that has never failed me are all top on my mind today.

I am also grateful for you, our community.  Growing up, I thought that communities were places.  Since moving to Lewisville a couple decades ago, I’ve come to learn that a community is made of people.  Our city has some of the best.  I truly believe that we are fortunate to live here in a city full of hard-working, loving, caring, friendly and genuine people.

I often say that Lewisville with its approximately 100,000 residents is the biggest small town I know of.  It feels like everyone here is so connected to one another and the community.

I am so thankful for all of the friendships I have built over the years with so many of the good people of our city.  I feel like a rich man just knowing so many of the beautiful souls who each contribute to our community in their various ways.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t express how thankful I am to those who have supported our efforts here at The Lewisville Texan Journal to inform our community.  It starts with my family, who have put up with so much to see this dream through.  But we also owe our gratitude to our staff and volunteers who have helped us do this.

Our sponsors, investors, advertisers, donors, subscribers, and readers all have done their part and helped us continue the mission here.

Today, I’ll be taking time not just for the traditional celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday, but also to reflect and pray.  We hope that all of our readers also have a meaningful and happy Thanksgiving.

Even as we are thankful, we also call to mind those who are not as fortunate, and who need help and mercy.  It is a season of charity, so my family will spend some time thinking about ways to pay it forward for those in need.  We invite our readers to share ideas and thoughts in the comment section.

Happy Thanksgiving day from The Lewisville Texan Journal.


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