1. “The approximate tax impact of the bond package will be less than $16 per month on the average priced home, and because of the senior citizen homestead exemption, ” has been proven not true

    • Emily, The Lewisville Texan Journal has independently calculated the approximate impact to the district’s average taxable home value ($277,037 net taxable) and calculated $15.35/mo as the maximum impact. If you have other numbers or information to contradict this, we would be interested to know about it.

  2. No, no, NO; this is a bad idea…terrible; in fact. Property taxes are already staggering; why do solutions to perceived problems always involve throwing more taxpayer money away? What about those of us that send our children to private schools? Are we not already sacrificing enough for a system that we place no burden on whatsoever?

    For the record it just destroys any credibility when you allow one paragraph to gush about our community having the best schools in the state when the paragraph that immediately follows implies that it’s all going to collapse if we don’t increase funding. If anything; the robust funding our schools already receives has been proven to be more than sufficient; hence our success. The taxpayers have done their due diligence; give us a break.


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