Hard news is the bread and butter of newspaper coverage, and it isn’t always good news. From an attempted bombing of Carter Bloodcare in March to the accidental playground death of an 11-year-old in November, here are the most-read news stories of the year. 

One was arrested in a drug-related double-shooting

17-year-old Lewisville resident Fernando Irigoyen was arrested over a drug-related shooting in March in an alley behind the New Beginnings Church on South Edmonds Street.

Around 4 p.m. March 13, neighborhood residents heard what they thought were firecrackers going off in the alley behind the 800 block of Mockingbird Lane, but everyone involved had fled the scene. Police received separate calls about two shooting victims a few minutes later. They said that Irigoyen returned to the scene while they were processing it, identifying himself as “Michael Martinez” and telling officers that he was there to check on his friends, who he said were there to make a drug deal.

He told the officers he was headed to a friend’s house on Hobart Lane. The police received a call from Hobart Lane shortly after and discovered him in a fight with another man, and they arrested him. Searching Irigoyen’s Creekside Mobile Home Park address, police found a nine-shot revolver with seven bullets missing, consistent with the number of times the victim had been shot.

Irigoyen was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in May. He has a plea hearing April 7.

Man kills self at blood bank

Jeffery Stanley, 36, shot through the windows of the Carter Bloodcare at 1565 W. Main Street at 8 p.m. Monday, March 7. Witnesses, including an off-duty police officer, say the Grapevine native brought a Duffel bag in with him, which police would later learn was filled with cans of gasoline.

Police established a perimeter and attempted to communicate with Stanley via loudspeaker. A SWAT team eventually went in and found that he had killed himself after unsuccessfully trying to light the cans of gasoline. Carter Bloodcare is normally closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and was closed during the entire incident. No one else was hurt.

Carter Bloodcare spokesperson Linda Goelzer said she couldn’t find any connection between Stanley and Carter Bloodcare and she didn’t know why this had happened.

(Photo by Christina Ulsh)
(Photo by Christina Ulsh)

11 year old dies at Lewisville apartment complex playground

Kenneth Williams, 11, accidentally killed himself on the Windsor Court apartment complex playground Oct. 29. Officials found him unresponsive with a jumprope tangled around his neck and playground equipment, with his own weight holding it down. Officials were unable to find any witnesses of the boy’s death.

8 year old run over and killed in mobile home

Alex Ramirez, 8, was playing with his friends in Northwood Mobile Home Park when they stirred up a wasp nest. Ramirez fled into the street, where he was struck by an oncoming car. He would later die of his injuries.

The driver, a 20-year-old woman, did stop to help. She did not have a license, but since the accident occurred on private property she could not be charged with a crime for this. Neighbors said that drivers regularly disrespect the park’s 10 mph speed limit, but police said they thought excessive speed was not a factor, nor was substance abuse.

I-35 Lewisville Lake bridge opened

Engineers and state and local officials cut the ribbon on the new, eight-lane bridge over Lewisville Lake connected to I-35 in anticipation for its opening Sept. 10, though the actual opening was delayed as weather interfered with the final steps of construction.

The bridge is a major milestone in the $4.8 billion 35Express Project, which hopes to clear congestion on the I-35E from Dallas to Denton. Eventually, the new bridge will be exclusively for southbound traffic and the old bridge will be for northboud traffic, both including dedicated frontage road lanes and bike and pedestrian lanes.

A big drug bust netted large quantities of GHB, mushrooms

Police recovered almost five pounds of marijuana, 482 grams of mushrooms and 321 grams of popular date-rape drug GHB, all felony quantities, from a room in the Hebron 121 apartment complex Feb. 18.

Police detectives say that when they knocked on the door, they were met by Jason Brackin, who smelled of marijuana. Detectives asked him if he had smoked that day, and he told them was “High as [expletive].” Brackin gave the police permission to search his room, which he shared with his girlfriend, Jacqueline Torbet, where they found large quantities of the drugs. Police also received permission from roommate Seth Murray to search his room, where they found prescription drugs and more marijuana. All three were arrested.

Police investigate accidental shooting

Police issued an arrest warrant for Colby Tyler Ferguson, 20, in connection to the injury of a man who was accidentally shot in the face.

The victim was shot in the morning March 29 in his home in the 1600 block of Glenhill. Another man took the victim to his car and tried to drive him to the hospital. They had gotten to the intersection of Garden Ridge and Main Street when the victim got out of the car, and bystanders called the police. He was eventually helicoptered to the hospital. He was able to speak with paramedics.

The incident was initially brought to police as an attempted suicide, but they classified it as an accidental shooting.

Lewisville Fire Department pulls a Lexus RX-330 out of Lewisville Lake on Saturday, Nov. 26 just before noon . (Photo courtesy of Lewisville Fire)
Lewisville Fire Department pulls a Lexus RX-330 out of Lewisville Lake on Saturday, Nov. 26 just before noon . (Photo courtesy of Lewisville Fire)

The Great Corn Heist

Police recovered an 18-wheeler full of moldy corn reported stolen from a Linden, Utah truck-driving school, 18 hours away from Lewisville, along I-35E Aug. 31. The driver, Bobby Donnell Smith Sr., was arrested and charged with unlawful operation of a vehicle. It turned out Smith was an employee of the vehicle owner and was assigned to deliver the load of corn to a Wal Mart in New Caney, Texas. Upon arrival, they discovered the refrigeration unit was off, and the corn had molded. Wal Mart rejected the delivery, and Smith panicked and took the chip out of his company phone. Since they were unable to reach him, his employers reported the vehicle stolen.

Interviewing Smith, police said the driver admitted he had smoked some marijuana and seemed confused. He said he was headed back to Utah, then he told another officer he was going to a relative’s house in Oklahoma. Police said he was unable to remember where he’d delivered to in the past few days. They said they thought he planned to dump the truck near Oklahoma City, where he has relatives.

Man jumped from Lewisville Lake Bridge

An Illinois man, 48, killed himself by jumping off the still under-construction Lewisville Lake bridge 9:30 a.m. Aug. 23. The man was driving a rental car, in which investigators found a bottle of prescription drugs for high cholesteral. The address on the bottle indicated the man lived in Illinois.

Man killed when car struck his disabled vehicle from behind on the Lewisville Lake bridge

Denton Resident Gholamreza Sabzghabaei, 64, was killed when Lake Dallas resident Joseph Feltman, 22, slammed into his disabled vehicle in the right lane of Lewisville Lake Bridge, which has no shoulder.

Sabzghabaei’s black Nissan was disabled and slightly to the right on the side of the road, and he was standing in front of it talking to 911 operators when Feltman crashed into the car. The impact sent the car into Sabzghabaei, which sent him careening 30 feet into the water below. Good Samaritans pulled him out of the lake and began CPR, but it was too late. Feltman was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

The crash took place at around 8:40 p.m. March 1, but the highway was down to one lane until 3 a.m. the next morning.