Special session ends with half of Abbott’s items passed


Without being able to agree on a property tax bill — Gov. Greg Abbott’s top priority — legislature adjourned early Aug. 15, ending Texas’ special session after 29 days instead of 30. In turn 10 of Abbott’s 20 special session items failed.

“It is a glass half full,” Abbott said in an interview with CBS 11 about the legislature’s actions during the special session. “I wanted to reduce property taxes in Texas, yet the House failed to match the Senate plan, which was the plan that I offered for the special session call.”

Abbott said without the special session, Texas would not have been able to pass measures that provide teachers with more benefits upon retiring, crack down on mail-in ballot fraud, lead to a school finance commission and address the maternal mortality rate in the state.

In regards to whether or not he would be calling another special session to tend to the items, Abbott said it is time for representatives to go home and hear directly from their constituents.

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Failed measures

Increasing teacher pay HB 198

School vouchers for students with disabilities HB 253

Property tax reform HB 4

Capping local and state government spending SB 18, SB 9

Restricting bathroom use for transgender people SB 3

Barring taxpayer funding of abortion providers and affiliates SB 4

Prohibiting union dues payroll deduction for public workers SB 94

Texting-while-driving preemption SB 15

Speeding up permitting process SB 13

Preventing local government rules from changing in the middle of construction SB 13


Passed measures

“Sunset bills” SB 20

Reducing abortion coverage in insurance plans HB 214

School finance commission HB 21

Increased benefits for retired teachers HB 21

Limiting local tree regulations HB 7

Strengthening abortion reporting requirements HB 13

Municipal annexation reform SB 6

Strengthening protections regarding do-not-resuscitate orders SB 11

Mail-in ballot fraud prevention SB 5

Extending maternal mortality task force SB 17