Vector Disease Control International, a private company contracted by the City of Lewisville, has confirmed the city’s fourth, fifth, and sixth positive West Nile Virus mosquito traps for 2017.

The fourth positive sample was collected July 13, from a trap located in the 600 block of Holfords Prairie Road, that’s in an area between State Highway 121 and Business 121.

The fifth positive sample was collected July 13, from a trap located in the 2600 block of Lake Ridge Road.

The sixth positive sample was collected July 13, from a trap located in the 200 block of Highland Drive, north of State Highway 121 and east of Denton Tap Road.

It’s important to note that all the positive tests to date in the City of Lewisville have been in mosquitoes. There have been no positive human cases reported.

Ground spraying/fogging will be conducted in a half-mile radius of each testing location on Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19. Trucks operated by Vector Disease Control International will conduct the spraying. The insecticide being used is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and poses minimal risk to humans, pets and the environment.

City crews are regularly walking through and visually inspecting creeks and drainage channels to look for potential mosquito breeding sites. The city has nearly a dozen workers in the Parks and Animal Services divisions who are state-certified to apply anti-larval dunks or localized pesticide to curb the mosquito population. Residents are encouraged to report any mosquito complaints to Chris McGinn at 972-219-3484.

Editor’s note:  An earlier version of this story incorrectly noted that a positive test was collected June 13.  It has been corrected to July 13.


  1. I bought Basil plants which repel mosquitoes. I have one on the front porch, one on the patio and even one inside on the dining table. I have not seen anymore mosquitoes near those areas since doing this.

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