Water out at Creekside Mobile Home Park


Update 6 p.m.: A resident is telling us that Creekside has not issued boil water notices, and that if residents don’t notice the sign out front, they would not know they need to boil their water. Creekside has been cited several times before by the TCEQ for not properly issuing boil water notices.

We would like to remind Creekside residents to boil water before consumption, at least until Saturday or until tests determine the water is clean. Kunke indicated that a boil water notice would be issued to residents with these instructions.

The resident asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from the mobile home park, a request that has been common when researching stories about Creekside. The resident expressed anger that the management was requesting emergency assistance from the city for bottled water while at the same time profiting from residents, who pay for the park to put water in the taps.

City Council member TJ Gilmore echoed the sentiment. He said that if Creekside was not compensating the Salvation Army, the situation was akin to taking water from the homeless.

“If it’s an emergency, I get it, but to ask for it free of charge? To literally take water from the homeless and not compensate? I would be putting that business on blast,” he said. “This is a for-profit business. These residents pay a monthly water bill. They should be getting water that they can drink and not have to boil.”

Gilmore also expressed frustration that the city was not notified of the outage until almost 20 hours after it reportedly started.

Update 2:56 p.m.: Salvation Army director Steve Thomas, who is on the scene handing out free water to Creekside residents, said Creekside personnel told him water had been restored, but it would not be safe to drink until Saturday.

He is continuing to hand out free bottled water to residents at the park’s entrance, and requested help. Anyone wanting to help can donate full palettes of bottled water outside the Creekside office at 4000 Ace Lane in Lewisville.

Original story: A main pipe has burst at the Creekside Mobile Home Park in Lewisville, leaving the complex without water. A resident said the problem started at 3 p.m. yesterday, and that they had not been given a timeline for repair.

The city office of emergency management received a notification at 10:15 a.m. this morning. City spokesperson James Kunke said Creekside personnel requested drinking water for 600 homes, at which point the city reached out to the Salvation Army to provide that need. Creekside did not immediately return calls for comment from The Lewisville Texan Journal.

The mobile home park is licensed by the state to operate its water system privately, and the larger City of Lewisville water supply is not connected to this issue. The park sells water from its supply to residents for a profit, but residents have complained that the supply is inconsistent.

The resident said the mobile home park has put up its notice to boil water before use. Creekside requires residents to boil its water when it is unsafe to drink coming out of the tap. In the past, this has been because of an outage or a pressure loss that could potentially allow bacteria to creep into the system, or for the chlorination to dilute.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has found Creekside to have violated rules surrounding boil water notices multiple times over the past few years. The commission is also currently in the process of enforcing the water system for a violation in February when the water system was found to not have enough chlorine in its supply.


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