Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News reported that Walmart is considering developing some of its properties into Walmart town centers, and that one of the megamarts being eyed is the Lewisville location on 960 E. Round Grove Road. A Walmart representative clarified that this is purely an exploratory concept at the moment.

Walmart spokesperson Delia Garcia said that the town center concept was purely in its exploratory stages, and presented last week by Walmart to real estate developers who might be able to make it a reality. While potential locations have been identified, there are no plans yet. City of Lewisville spokesperson James Kunke confirmed there have been no conversations with Walmart about this property.

“The Reimagined Walmart concept is strictly in an exploratory concept. We have identified eight locations where the Reimagined Walmart concept might be possible. In each of these locations, we are looking for real estate developers who are excited to partner with us in reimaging how customers might experience Walmart,” Garcia said in a statement. “Whether a project materializes over time depends largely on identifying the right real estate developers and gaining community support for this innovative development approach.”

Garcia said that one of the key concepts is to develop land in one unified parcel instead of separate ones, which may be why the Round Grove location was singled out. The supercenter is flanked to the east by a 628,223 square foot parcel of land that Walmart already owns, according to Denton County Appraisal District.

The town center concept, which has its own website, could feature not only a Walmart, but also local retail spaces and restaurants, fitness locations, daycare and pet care centers, transportation hubs and entertainment — including a golf driving range, which the website singles out as a possibility. Garcia said the idea was born of looking for unique ways to use the stores’ assets.

“Our vision is to offer a more robust and dynamic shopping experience that combines entertainment venues, curated local food vendors, health and fitness services as well as recreational opportunities in a way that connects and engages with the community,” she said.

However, many of the stores are already located at heart of major urban developments. The other Lewisville location on Main Street, for instance, shares a parking lot with seven restaurants in addition to the Subway inside, and stares at six more and a 24 Hour Fitness right across the street.

When asked how a formal Walmart Town Center would be different, Garcia said that given that the concept is still in its exploratory stages, it is not yet clear. Based on the website, it is possible that more local stores or a broader variety of attractions could be the difference.

The Lewisville Texan Journal will follow up if this story if it sees further development.


  1. Interesting, thanks for the update. Would be a nice upgrade to the south Lewisville area, especially with stuff like the new Mary Kay facility also going in nearby. Comment – the link to the town center concept page (where it reads “its own website”) links to a page that appears to be password protected. Is there another public page?

  2. It would be awesome all in one place without having to go from place to place driving in traffic especially on the holidays. It’s a good development more jobs and luxurious project for Lewisville ,but seriously LPD has to do something about crime its going up fast now.

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