It took years of planning, about $19 million and over two and a half years of construction, but drivers are finally now able to get from I-35E to SH 121 Business by taking Valley Ridge Boulevard.

The extension of Valley Ridge from Mill Street to College Street, which provides a direct connection between the two highways, is now open for traffic.

The new road cuts through some undeveloped land east of Mill Street, then connects with the old Sewage Treatment Plant Road, hooking around to the west of Lewisville Landfill, where it connects to College Street, and continues to SH 121 Business.

Though most drivers seemed to be ignoring it Wednesday afternoon, the initial speed limit for the road is set at 30 mph.  According to the city, a speed study will be conducted, and the speed limit may be changed after that.

The road has two lanes in each direction, plus a landscaped median.  There are periodic median cuts with left-turn lanes.

Lewisville believes this new road should alleviate some of the truck and commuter traffic cutting through Old Town, taking Mill to Main and SH 121.

City staff held a gate-raising ceremony Monday morning to commemmorate the event. The Lewisville Texan Journal’s Christina Ulsh was there to cover it live:

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