Update: LISD asks for clarification on AG office’s request

(Photo Illustration - The Lewisville Texan Journal)

The Lewisville Texan Journal has received the emails from the Attorney General’s Office requesting information from Lewisville ISD in relation to the office’s cease-and-desist order against the school district. The request covers email communications from all 5,000 LISD employees.

On Feb. 14, Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a cease-and-desist letter to LISD over its recent advocacy for voting, saying the district had been encouraging students and teachers to vote against incumbents and for candidates who would fund public schools. District personnel said they had endorsed no candidates or causes and would continue encouraging voting across the board. The Attorney General’s Office has still not named the specific candidates it says LISD is supporting.

The same day that the letter was made public, assistant attorney general Cleve Doty sent a public information request to the district’s public records email address. Doty asked for any written communications sent from an officer or employee of the district regarding any election, any emails containing the words “Texas Legislature” and “Primary” within the previous 90 days and any emails to or from superintendent Kevin Rogers containing the words “Texas Legislature.”

Ten minutes later, Doty sent another email asking that the previous request be disregarded and substituting a new one, which made the same requests but specified that he wanted emails from over the past six months.

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The deadline to respond to these requests is today, Feb. 28, but LISD spokesperson Amanda Brim said the district has asked for several clarifications, which resets the clock at 10 business days. Brim said the district is also working on multiple other requests for information.

The Attorney General’s office, which has made the request in this instance, is in charge of making rulings on public information requests.


  1. Worked at LHS for over 15 years… have seen student council kids putting out posters during the school day to support specific school board candidates (Brenda Lathem)… and have sat trough staff meetings where in multiple occasions elections were brought up and we were encouraged to vote a specific way… so yeah it happens.

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