Shots were fired into a dwelling at Arbor Creek Apartments at the 300 block of E. Southwest Parkway approximately a quarter after midnight Thursday morning, July 20.

The suspect shot into the wall of the apartment from the outside, with a few bullets making it through to the interior of the apartment.

Capt. Casey Carter said there were no witnesses who saw the suspect but a lot of people heard the gun firing. Reports on how many shots were fired varied between five and seven, but all reports said they were in rapid succession.

Nobody was injured by bullets, but one woman twisted her knee diving to avoid being shot, Carter said.

Those who live in the apartment said they didn’t know who the suspect could have been and the motive is unclear.

Police determined it was a .40 caliber gun.

If you have any information regarding this event, please call Lewisville Police Department at its non-emergency line 972-219-3600 or call the crime tip line at 972-219-8477.


  1. I sent this to a friend who lives in the area and said this happened last year. Was this reposted with the correct date but different year? I want to further inform my friend.

  2. I live in this complex. I heard it, my friend and his girlfriend were across the street at Valero when they saw it. They took off running the other way. He said he didn’t see the culprits but they were in a suburban.

    • I live in the apartments and one of the bullets made it into my home. I’d like more I formation about that suburban.

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