Survey indicates residents satisfied with Lewisville

91 percent of Lewisville residents who responded to a city survey said they were satisfied or very satisfied with quality of life in the city. (Chart via City of Lewisville)

Over 91 percent of Lewisville residents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of life in our city.

The City of Lewisville reported the results for its 2016 Resident Satisfaction Survey Monday, Nov. 21.  The opt-in internet survey was conducted in July and August of this year, and 1,257 residents participated.

According to the analysis presented by Communications and Tourism Director James Kunke to the City Council on Monday night, residents were satisfied overall.  For the question that asked residents how satisfied or dissatisfied they were with quality of life in the community, 25.18 percent said they were very satisfied and 65.87 percent said they were satisfied. Only 8.23 percent said they were dissatisfied, and 0.72 percent said they were very dissatisfied.

More people thought that Lewisville had improved (46.81 percent) than gotten worse (18.10 percent).  

Almost 83 percent of respondents said they would be likely or very likely to encourage a friend to move to Lewisville.

Because the survey was an opt-in online survey, Kunke said there were some caveats with the data.  Online survey respondents tend to give lower ratings than respondents contacted by phone.

The data also showed that homeowners and long-term Lewisville residents were over-represented in the response.  About 89 percent of those responding to the survey said they were homeowners.  In reality, about half of Lewisville residents are renters or apartment dwellers.

Although pleased with the mostly positive feedback from residents, Kunke said that staff paid particular attention to specific items where satisfaction for a particular department or service had declined year-to-year or was lower than others.  

“The numbers are good, but we can do better,” he said.

The city’s fire department, ambulance service, library and police department were rated the highest of the 16 services the survey asked about.  Fire services were rated at 99.24 percent, followed by ambulance services at 94.93 percent, library at 93.23 percent, and police at 89.82 percent.

On the low end, residents rated street lighting with a failing rating of 45.11 percent.  Street maintenance got only 52.91 percent, followed by code enforcement at 54.26 percent, and sidewalks at 56.63 percent.

The key takeaways for staff involve the following:

  • Better communicate the value of city services provided, so that residents can connect taxes with services.
  • Provide better telephone training to city employees who answer phones, making sure they have telephone directories and are able to direct callers to the right office.
  • Find ways to provide better follow up on issues that residents report.
  • Improve recreation programs. Review offerings and conduct a followup survey about recreation.
  • Improve adult and technical classes at the library.
  • Improve Animal Services’ education efforts when responding to citizen wildlife complaints.
  • Continue to promote the Lewisville Vision 2025 plan.
  • Review the sidewalk maintenance program and ensure needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Encourage residents to use the online issue reporting system to submit and track responses to problems.
  • Create a printed hike and bike trails map.
  • Review street light requirements and make more effort to make it easy for residents to report street light issues.

Read the presentation given to the city council here.

Read the survey executive summary and detailed analysis here.