Student calls in false report of bomb, shooter at Killough campus; is detained Monday morning

(Photo by Christina Ulsh)

A student at Lewisville High School Killough called police and reported an active shooter and a bomb were on the campus Friday afternoon. Police detained the student Monday morning after the call was determined a hoax through a full-response investigation.

The suspect, a male minor, made the phone call alerting Lewisville Police Department on another student’s unattended cell phone around 2 p.m. Sept. 8, Capt. Mike Moore said. The school was then locked down. Police searched the premises and found no threat.

Police traced the phone call to a Killough student’s mobile phone. After investigation and speaking to the owner of the phone, LPD determined the student did not make the phone call but that another student made the call as a prank.

With a collective effort between dispatch, detectives and teachers, LPD was able to interview the suspect, who eventually confessed on Friday, Moore said. He was detained the following Monday morning and taken to a juvenile detention facility.

The phone call is considered a felony on two counts: that of a terroristic threat and that of a false report to police. Because of the age of the suspect, Moore said his punishment has yet to be determined.

Moore said while false claims of threat used to be more common a long time ago, they have become rare following the Columbine High School massacre. Moore said he doesn’t remember the last time this sort of hoax was called in to LPD.