Late last week, Lewisville ISD published a proposal for rezoning Hedrick Elementary students, as well as a potential new map for Old Town elementary schools once the school currently under construction on Mill Street is completed. With both Hedrick and College Street elementary schools set to close at the end of the year, this is rezoning that must take place within the next few months. You can view the proposals online here.

According to the published proposal, Hedrick students would be split three ways between Degan Elementary to the north, Vickery Elementary to the west and Parkway Elementary to the south. In Old Town, many students currently sent to Central would be shifted to the new elementary school on Mill Street, which would also take College Street Elementary’s current students, and some students currently zoned for Lewisville Elementary would instead be sent across I-35E to Central, as far as 2.2 miles away.

All households currently zoned for Hedrick north of Fox Avenue would be sent to Degan. The remaining two thirds of the zone would be split between Vickery and Parkway, with the neighborhoods north of Kingston Drive and from Westwood Drive going west sent to Vickery, along with residents of the Oak Tree Village Apartments. The rest of those neighborhoods, and the ones south of Kingston Drive and Corporate Drive, would be sent to Parkway.

No other school zones are affected by the proposed plan.

For Hedrick-zoned students, many of whom already have to cross Bellaire Boulevard to get to school, this adds several new streets that walkers must cross. Students sent to Degan would become the only students in the district required to cross West Main Street on their way to school, something that worried district officials — board members asked about the possibility of putting a crossing guard on Main Street at the Sept. 24 board workshop where this map, and its alternatives, was discussed.

Students sent to Vickery would have to cross Old Orchard Lane and South Garden Ridge Boulevard, and ones sent to Parkway could be as far away as 1.9 miles away from their new school.

Since all students will be within two miles of their new schools, the district will not be required to provide bus services. At the Sept. 24 meeting when the board discussed three options for Hedrick rezoning, this proposed option among them, establishing hazardous bus routes for students sent to Degan Elementary was specifically mentioned. On the proposal’s webpage, it says LISD will look at establishing bus routes for students who do not have a safe and direct route to their new school, but does not go into detail.

When discussing the potential plans for Hedrick Elementary rezoning at the Sept. 24 work session, the Board of Trustees was presented with three potential plans and asked to pick two of them to present to the public, but only one has been proposed. The maps were not visible to observers, and were taken up from board members after the meeting. The question of where Hedrick students would be rezoned has hung unanswered since spring 2017 when the possibility of closing the school was first presented. Despite saying as many as five or six options were already written down, district superintendent Kevin Rogers refused to discuss them, and parents were ultimately asked to vote on the bond package, which included Hedrick Elementary’s closure, while still in the dark on where those students would go.

In addition to the three options that were presented to the board, only one of which is now public, Rogers mentioned having as many as 15 maps for how Hedrick could be rezoned before pairing it down to three to present to the board. The Lewisville Texan Journal has filed a public information request for those maps, but LISD has requested that the Attorney General allow the district to keep the draft maps private. The Attorney General has 45 days to examine the case, meaning that even if the maps are required to be made public, it may be well after the board has already adopted this proposal.

In Old Town, the new elementary on Mill Street, which is intended to replace College Street Elementary, would take all of College Street’s students and more. Currently, every student north of Main Street between I-35E and Railroad Street are zoned for College Street Elementary, with the rest of the students east of I-35E zoned for Central. After the Mill Street school opens, that boundary will expand — the southern boundary will shift from Main Street to a composite of Purnell, High School and McKenzie streets extending all the way to Business 121, with the eastern boundary shifted all the way out to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

Under this proposal, some students currently zoned for Lewisville Elementary School would be sent to Central instead, with the new Central zoning extending down southwest of I-35E. The wedge shape formed by the highway, Business 121 and Southeast Parkway would be sent to Central Elementary instead of Lewisville.

Rezoning surrounding Bridlewood and Flower Mound elementaries and the southwestern parts of the school district were also discussed at the Sept. 24 work session, but no maps on those items have been made public. These items are not as urgent since they do not address imminently closing schools.

The board said it would seek extensive public input on all rezoning items. The website for these maps designates two meetings for public input on Oct. 20, with a meeting at 10 a.m. for public input on Hedrick rezoning and a meeting starting at 1 p.m. for input surrounding the Old Town rezoning option. Further meetings to discuss the Hedrick rezoning option are listed for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at Vickery Elementary and 6:30 p.m. Nov. 1 at Parkway Elementary, and further meetings for Old Town are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 22 at Central Elementary and 6 p.m. Oct. 25 at College Street Elementary.

In addition to attending these meetings, residents can explore how to contact elected officials here.

The board  will hold another work session 6 p.m. tomorrow night Oct. 9 to discuss finances, with its next regular meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 15. The district expects to vote on these rezoning proposals at its next regular meeting after that, scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 12.


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