Police arrest man who made false 911 calls, high school threat


Several times recently, Lewisville police have responded to hoax 911 calls reporting fake crimes. Friday night, police arrested a suspect.

Thursday night, someone called in a shooting.  Friday morning, it was a call saying that students were in a second-floor restroom in Lewisville High School with guns.

The latter call resulted in a large police response and panic by some students and parents, campus lock-down and thorough search.  Responding officers in each case determined it was a hoax.

According to a press release from Lewisville Police Department Saturday, police officers and dispatchers investigated the recent false calls, and were able to identify and locate the suspect.

Garrison Anthony Ware, 18, was arrested on charges of making a false report to 911.

According to the arrest blotter, Garrison Anthony Ware, 18, was arrested Friday night and charged with false alarm.  He is held in Lewisville Jail in lieu of $7,500 bond.

Detectives served a search warrant to Ware’s house, where they recovered several phones they say were linked to the calls.  LPD says Ware confessed to the calls, and told them there were never any students with guns at the campus.

Reports of LHS shooter likely a hoax