Update: 11/11/2016
Denton County Elections officials are busy recounting the paper ballots submitted in Tuesday’s election.  According to an article in the Denton Record Chronicle, elections administrator Lannie Noble requested the recount because of the election day problems with the eScan machines.  Some of those machines had been shipped to the polling locations in test mode, which meant that the machines would not accept ballots through the electronic scanners.  Voters insteads had to stick their ballots into the emergency slots in the machine.

The problem was that after the machines were fixed, some of the polling places may have failed to run those ballots through the scanner, and instead included them in the pile along with ballots that had been scanned.

The Lewisville Texan Journal has contacted the elections office for comment, but had not heard back prior to press time.

None of the races in Denton County that were applicable to Lewisville voters were sufficiently close that the recount will make a difference.  However, the totals shown in the article are based on the incomplete numbers.

Original Story: 11/9/2016


Note:  While most results are in, some election returns are still not complete.  Many of the totals and percentages listed below will change slightly as tallies are finalized. 

Though Donald Trump has pulled off an upset Tuesday night, winning the presidency with 305 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton‘s 233, there were no similar upsets in solidly Republican Denton County.

Trump easily picked up 57.68 percent of the vote for Denton County. Hillary Clinton got 37.51 percent.  Overall voter turnout was 64.15% in Denton County, with over 300,000 ballots cast.

Republicans won each and every contest within the county, as they have for many years.  There were 122,321 voters who pulled a straight ticket for Republicans, while just 67,070 went for Democrats.

U.S. House Races

U.S. Rep Michael Burgess easily won re-election to his District 26 house seat over Democratic challenger Eric Mauck and Libertarian Mark Boler.  Burgess got over 65 percent while Mauck had just under 31 percent, and Boler got 4 percent.

In District 24’s race, Democrat Jan McDowell fared slightly better in a challenge to incumbent Republican Kenny Marchant.  McDowell pulled in 41.97 percent, while Marchant cleared 53.77 percent, easily retaining his seat.

Statewide Races

Republicans swept all statewide races, including Railroad Commissioner, and justices for the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals.

State Senator and Representative Races

Republican State Senator Jane Nelson held her District 12 seat with 83.25 percent of the vote against Libertarian Rod Wingo.  She did not have a Democratic challenger.

In Denton County, Ron Simmons, the incumbent Republican in District 65 held his seat with 56.29 percent of the vote.  Democrat Alex Mendoza put up the strongest challenge of any Democrat in the County, putting up 43.71 percent.

In District 63, Tan Parker kept his seat with no challenger.

In District 64, Lynn Stucky pulled in 61.57 percent of the vote, defeating Democrat Connor Flanagan.

Pat Fallon easily held his District 106 seat with 80.79 percent of the vote, challenged only by Libertarian Rodney Caston, who got 19.20 percent.

Democrats may yet pick up a couple of seats in the Texas Legislature for the upcoming session, but not in Denton County.

County Races

The only district judge race to draw a challenger was the 393rd District Judge race, where Republican Doug Robison fended off Democrat Evan Stone.  Robison got 63.69 percent of the vote.

Tracy Murphree, the Republican who defeated Sheriff William Travis in the primary election, easily defeated Libertarian Randy Butler by pulling in 79.85 percent of the vote.

Michelle French won re-election as Tax Assessor-Collector, earning 80.98 percent of the vote against Libertarian challenger Andy Boler.

County Commissioners Hugh Coleman (Precinct 1) and Bobbie Mitchell (Precinct 3) had no challengers in the general election, and won re-election.

None of the Republican Constables drew any challengers for the general election.

Other Local

  • Flower Mound voters passed several propositions.
  • Arlington voters approved a new billion dollar stadium for the Texas Rangers.
  • Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD may have narrowly passed an 11-cent tax rate increase.
  • Lake Dallas has elected Mayor Michael Barnhart with 50.83 percent of the vote.
  • Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 1F in Castle Hills voters approved a proposition ratifying a joint utility contract. 74.31 percent of the voters approved the proposition.