New Toyota warehouse to have no impact

The forthcoming Toyota warehouse on SH 121 in Lewisville. (Photo by Leopold Knopp)

Earlier this week, news broke that Lewisville would be the proud site for a new Toyota distribution center on highway 121. However, according to Toyota spokesperson Amanda Roark, that may have been a bit of an overstatement.

Roark characterized the facility as a warehouse, and said almost no new jobs would be created for it.

“It’s actually just a warehouse. That’s all it is,” she said. “We were surprised to see that it’s out there, because it really is just a warehouse.”

The new facility is conveniently located for Toyota, just a 10 minute drive west from its North American headquarters in Plano. The Metro Auto Auction of Dallas is also right next door.

Lewisville community relations and tourism director James Kunke said no incentives were granted to bring the warehouse to Lewisville, it was just the best location for them.


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