New How Bazzar vendor mall opens in Lewisville

A Kawasaki Mule off-road vehicle sits in front of How Bazzar Vendor Hall at the Main-Valley Shopping Center. (Photo by Nicholas Page)

Special Contributor

A new shop in Lewisville is helping new businesses build a brand. Located at 1030 W. Main Street inside Main-Valley Shopping Center, this new vendor mall gives residents a chance to buy items they can’t find at other malls. How Bazzar offers mom-and-pop shops the opportunity to set up of their own booth within the mall to increase their visibility all while giving customers a unique experience.

The bazaar is open Thursday through Sunday and promises to have a different experience each and every week as new and different vendors rent booths. How Bazzar also offers a 24/7 online store selling many of the same items found inside.

Brands like John Deere, Yamaha, Polaris, and Kawasaki all have featured booths inside the mall. Also inside, home goods, clothing, and toys can be found.

For $100, companies can rent a booth for the week to sell their goods and services. Vendors can also arrange for a long stay as well.

Food and drinks are for sale inside. How Bazzar offers burgers and hot dogs, gourmet coffee, and morning donuts.

The grand opening for How Bazzar is happening through the 12th of June and will include Cricket Wireless giveaways, barbecue, and Italian Shaved Ice.