Multigenerational Center to break ground July 20, current rec and senior centers to close and move activities

Early conceptual art for the new recreation center depicts a design centered around birds and nature that flows from outside the building to in and back out again. (Photo credit Andy Dufford)

Assuming City Council approves the final $37.2 million construction budget for the multigenerational center at tonight’s meeting, construction on the facility could move quickly.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for July 20, and the current senior activity and recreation centers, which the multigenerational center would replace, would cease operations within the week, according to Barker Rinker Seacat CEO Craig Bouck and Lewisville parks and recreation director Stacie Anaya.

During the first of two public meetings scheduled this week to update the public on the center’s progress, Bouck and recreation manager Hilary Boen explained to seniors gathered in their center that the schedule had shifted. The city had found a way to increase parking for the final center, but they can only do it if they close the current senior and recreation centers during construction. The centers were previously scheduled to stay open during construction of the new multigenerational center.

According to the schedule presented at the meeting, the senior center’s last day would be July 6 and the recreation center would close July 7. Bouck said the city is working frantically to transfer programs to a new location to maintain continuity while the multigenerational center is being built.

Most of the recreation activities are being transferred to the Frederick P. Herring Recreation Center on 191 Civic Circle, and Bouck said the city has secured a space in Music City Mall to transfer the senior center’s activities. The space is on the second floor on the far east end of the mall, right next to Macy’s. The current schedule is for that new temporary senior center to open July 23.

City Council is expected to approve the guaranteed maximum price for the MGC at tonight’s meeting, at which point the construction company would start moving according to this schedule. Council is also expected to finally approve a name for the MGC at this meeting.

Another public meeting dedicated to the MGC is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. tomorrow evening July 3 at Memorial Park Recreation Center. The Lewisville Texan Journal will follow up with a full update after these meetings.