Metroplex police chase ends in Corinth

State troopers apprehend the suspect of the high-speed chase that went from Dallas through Lewisville all the way to Corinth. (Image courtesy WFAA's live feed)

The pursuit of a white Ford F-150 pickup truck that started in Dallas passed through Lewisville and has come to a close in Corinth. The suspect is currently stopped on what appears to be the I-35E access road in Corinth.

WFAA is reporting that the chase started in Grand Prairie as a carjacking. Dallas police media officer Carlos Almeida confirmed that the chase began in Dallas.

Lewisville PD Capt. Jesse Hunter said highway patrol troopers assisted in the suspect’s eventual stopping. Live footage shows the vehicle in residential areas, and radio traffic and footage shows that he was in Lewisville for an extended period.

Footage shows the vehicle speeding through stoplights in the residential and office complexes east of I-35E in Lewisville before getting back on the highway. He sped up the highway, eventually getting off and surrendering to police in Corinth. The vehicle appeared to lose both of its front tires before pulling over.

The Lewisville Texan Journal will update this story with more information as it becomes available.

Update 4 p.m.: Outlets are confirming that State Troopers shot out the trucks front tires in order to end the pursuit. The truck, and the dog who was in the car when it was stolen, have been returned to their owner.

Here’s WFAA’s full video of the chase-