LPD makes switch to new digital radio system

police and fire radio
Police and Fire Radio

The Lewisville Police Department has upgraded its radio communications by switching from an analog system to a digital system.

The switchover to the P-25 system happened earlier this week. Change to the digital system was necessary because the analog system was coming to the end of its life, which raised maintenance concerns going forward.

On the new digital system voices come through more clearly. There is a noise cancelling feature on the radios that blocks out most ambient noise when used properly. The new system also provides better interoperability.

The system increases tower sites in Lewisville from one to three dedicated exclusively to first responders. It took about a month to change out all the analog portable radios and the systems in the squad cars. This system also is paired with an existing system owned by Denton County, which Chief Kerbow said will better serve public safety communication for the foreseeable future.

The LPD’s radio system can be heard online here.