Lewisville Police captain to take the helm in Jacksboro


Lewisville Police Capt. Scott Haynes is leaving the department to take over as chief of police at Jacksboro Police Department.

After 21 years with Lewisville Police Department, Haynes will assume the chief position in Jacksboro on Sept. 11.

“It’s a small town of maybe only 5,000 people, so it’s a very small department,” Haynes said. “It will be a great challenge and there will be some different opportunities… than I’ve experienced in my career here at Lewisville.”

Lewisville Police Chief Russell Kerbow said the department will temporarily reassign some of the duties Haynes was undertaking to other staff members until a replacement is found. It is likely that one of the existing sergeants will be promoted to the captain position, Kerbow said.

“We’ll go ahead and we’ll underfill the captain slot temporarily with a sergeant by doing a promotional process and then we’ll give them a couple of months to train as a new supervisor before we promote one out of that sergeant rank to captain,” Kerbow explained.

After a couple of months of training and once the department determines the sergeant can fulfill the necessary duties, the candidate will be promoted to captain.

Kerbow said he anticipates the process to take two to three months, and if LPD is lucky they will have their new captain around the first of the next year.

Haynes was in charge of the hiring and recruiting process at LPD. The major duties of an administrative services captain also include managing the fleet of vehicles, handling social media, supervising the recognition program and overseeing the tow truck contract.

Haynes has served in various leadership roles with LPD, overseeing the SWAT team, the narcotics unit, the criminal investigations division and the honor guard.

He started his police career as a probation officer in Collin County. He moved into a patrol officer position when he began with LPD in 1996 before becoming a detective with the Criminal Investigation Division.

He was promoted to patrol sergeant in 2001 and reassigned to special operations sergeant in 2005. He was eventually promoted to lieutenant.

After serving six years as a lieutenant in the Criminal Investigation Division, Haynes became the administrative services captain.

Haynes is a major in the U.S. Army Reserves. He was selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel this June.

Haynes said he always sought positions with greater responsibility and chief jobs.

“That’s been one of my goals, to obtain one of those jobs,” he said.

Kerbow said he is proud when someone from the department is able to move on to something that betters their lives and helps them achieve their personal goals.

The department has a number of people who are extremely qualified to be chief just about anywhere in North Texas, Kerbow said, and the team is very proud of Haynes for his accomplishment.

“We hate to lose him obviously, but I think the Jacksboro Police are going to gain a great leader in return,” he said. “ That’s what we need in this profession, is great leaders at the top, and he’s certainly going to be one of them.”