LISD to raise lunch prices, refinance bonds, rename administrative center at regular meeting


Lewisville ISD is expected to increase the cost of school lunches by five cents and authorize a $20 million refinancing of old bonds, while also officially joining in on the May 5 local elections at its regular meeting 7 p.m. April 16 at the Bolin Administrative Center, for what could be the last time the building is called that.

As it did at its last meeting, the board will discuss increasing the price of regular school lunches by five cents. This potential increase relates to the USDA’s lunch equity tool, which calculates the minimum prices for paid lunches to ensure that reimbursements from National School Lunch programs, which LISD participates in, are enough for the federal government to run free lunch programs. A five cent increase would produce about $103,000 in additional revenue for the Child Nutrition Program, according to board backup documents.

The board is expected to renew its contract with food service provider Aramark Educational Services, with which it has contracted for 18 years. Its proposed fees for the next school year are a combined $682,917.

The board is also expected to authorize issuing as much as $9.5 million of 2018 bonds. Used in conjunction with $10 million from the debt relief fund, the plan is to use that money to refinance bonds from 2009 and 2010 at a lower interest rate and completely retire them.The move is expected to save the district $1.9 million over the course of the new bonds, according to background material.

The board is expected to approve rechristening the administrative center as the Lewisville ISD Administrative Center. The plan is for William T. Bolin’s name to be used at a professional learning facility which is currently Thrift City. The board discussed its naming policies in detail at its last work session, and superintendent Kevin Rogers mentioned that Bolin, who is still alive, is grateful for the district’s continued use of his name.

The board is also expected to swap 1.929 acres for 0.689 acres that the City of Lewisville owns around the Purnell Support Center. The basic purpose of the swap is so that both parties own the specific land that they are responsible for maintenance on. The district’s proposed Mill Street Elementary is planned to be constructed nearby.

Also on the consent agenda is the approval of hiring architects and setting maximum prices for upcoming construction projects related to last year’s $737.5 million bond.

In the discussion section, the board will hear updates on bonds and monthly investments, and on its open enrollment policy. The full financial presentation is available in the background material.

LISD is neighbored by four school districts that allow enrollment of LISD students, but LISD does not allow for the enrollment of students outside the district unless they were not in public school the previous year. The district lost a net of 43 students to other districts from last school year to the current one, which is part of the unexpected loss of 782 students that threw the district into the state recapture program early. The board will discuss adding reciprocity language to its enrollment policy to try and stop this sort of loss.

The LISD school board meets one Monday per month at the administrative center, with additional informational meetings scattered throughout the month.