Lewisville ISD’s Board of Trustees will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night to hear recommendations from the Facilities Advisory Committee.  That committee has been developing recommendations for the district’s planned bond program, which would build new schools and facilities or revamp old ones.

The program is likely to include recommendations to tear down and not rebuild Hedrick Elementary School.

Board meetings are open to the public, though they are not required to hear from members of the public at the meetings. LISD spokesperson Amanda Brim told The Lewisville Texan Journal Wednesday night that the public would not be allowed to speak at the meeting.

The meeting occurs at the Bolin Administrative Center, 1565 W. Main St. in Lewisville.

Lewisville ISD’s calendar did not previously show a meeting of the board scheduled for this date, but the notice was posted Monday after close of business under the district’s board agendas web page.  State law allows public meeting agendas to be posted with 72 hours notice.

Update – 1/25/17 – 3:30 p.m.:  Though the district has not yet officially responded to our inquiry about the scheduling of this meeting, and whether there will be an opportunity for public input, LISD Trustee Kristi Hassett has responded via Facebook:

“I promise, no nefarious motives for this Thursday evening’s date. It is a timing issue – trying to save time for the committee and trying to schedule meetings for the board.
The original schedule had the final recommendation of the Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) to be on Feb 9th. The FAC finished its work during its last meeting (Jan 19th). Instead of having the committee come to yet another meeting on Feb 9th, the FAC is presenting their final recommendations this Thurs. Staff is trying to be courteous of the time these many individuals have already volunteered for the district.
Please join us this Thurs at Bolin for the FAC meeting.”

Update – 1/25/17 – 7:00 p.m.: District spokesperson Amanda Brim said the board would not take any action at the meeting, and that the board is expected to take action on the recommendation at its February 13 meeting.

Brim provided the following statement:

“The decision to eliminate one of the FAC meetings and have representatives from this volunteer group present to the Board at this week’s meeting was made to respect the time and efforts of all involved. The FAC represents a diverse group of community members from all corners of the district, from all walks of life. This is the first time in the district’s history such a committee has been formed, and represents the most open, transparent, in-depth and comprehensive community input the district has ever sought in the development of a bond proposal. Over the course of several months, and over 27 hours worth of meetings, this group had the opportunity to receive information from experts in each of the areas considered. The experts were available to answer questions at each meeting, and all the information provided at the meetings has been posted on the district website. The committee of nearly 80 members was well informed as a result of this very intentional process, and reached consensus to form the recommendation for the Board’s consideration.”

The Lewisville Texan Journal added the links in the above paragraph.  The district’s calendar was updated this afternoon to include the new meeting date.

FAC does not recommend rebuilding Hedrick Elementary