Liquor City on Corporate Drive in Lewisville. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

A Little Elm man was shot and killed last night at Liquor City on Corporate Drive in Lewisville. Police are investigating the crime.

Suresh “Sam” Shah, was declared dead at the hospital after being shot in the chest at Liquor City.  

Public records show that Shah is one of the owners of the corporation that owns the store, Jai Shakti Global Inc.

Police responded at 10 p.m. last night to a report of a man, Shah, laying on the ground not moving outside the liquor store. They would quickly learn that he had a gunshot wound to the upper right portion of his chest, and called for a medical vehicle. Dispatch then instructed responding officers and medics to preserve the scene as best they could, via radio traffic.

Shah was transported to the hospital, where he would die of his injury at 10:43 p.m. He was 46.

The store was closed at the time of the shooting.

Hunter said police are following up on all leads related to the incident.

If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact the Lewisville Police Department at 972-219-3600 or call the TIPS line at 972-219-TIPS (8477). Anyone with a cell phone may also send an anonymous tip by texting “TipLPD” and their message to 847411.

Update 11/29/2018:

Lewisville Police released surveillance images of the person they believe shot Shah:

While the photos are grainy, they do show an outfit, shoes, car, and handgun.  Anyone with information about this crime should contact Lewisville Police at the numbers given above.


  1. What really happened in this town when I move here 22 years ago from Longview Tx I thought was a great place to live and it was a that time, Now it looks like a ghetto place with Licor Stores in every shopping center, pawn shops, payday loans, title loans, sorry but who wherever running this town is doing very bad Job, I’m sure they don’t live in Lewisville of course not .

  2. Same here. Lewisville was such a friendly safe town. I moved here 10 years ago. Now crime has exploded. Please lets us pray for Shah his family and Lewisville.

  3. Yeah, when we got here in 1992 it was a nice place, I’m from the hood, but now this is the hood, time to move again. I live on Corporate, now you have 20 cars in front of every house, Bizarre’s Buses, People walking around everywhere, Motels, Like Budget Suites, People pushing Ice Cream carts, overcrowded schools, GANG’S ETC. it’s defanitely changed.

  4. that person had to be waiting for him to come out of his store. I hope police looks for the people behind this crime. I hope that Texas police/detectives work hard to find the killer for his wife and kids.

  5. I used to live in the apartments right across the street. Lewisville is hands down the I safest place I have ever lived and that’s saying a lot since I was in the army. I would rather live in Baghdad than lewisville

  6. Can they even tell what kind of a car that is? Or the color? Would be good to know. The only thing you can really make out is his black Vans.

    • I am his nephew/ cousin to his kids… the car was Suresh’s car. Police did try to find evidence but everything was covered so the car just went back to the kids.. since they are now in college..

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