Less than six hours after receiving an anonymous tip, the work of eight Lewisville police officers and a Little Elm police canine unit paid off, yielding a huge drug bust that took nearly a million dollars worth of marijuana off the streets Saturday night, Dec. 16. 

According to Lewisville Police Captain Kendall Lynn, investigators received and acted upon a tip Saturday afternoon that a couple was traveling from California to one of two locations in Lewisville with marijuana. The information was good enough that police took it seriously, and officers who were not even scheduled to work Saturday night came in to help with the investigation.

With information about the probable time of arrival, officers in unmarked cars were able to sit and watch for the vehicles. Marked units were also nearby.

A vehicle driven by 28-year-old Elizabeth Ann Cominos of Anderson, California was spotted pulling a U-Haul trailer. That vehicle was followed by a Chevy Tahoe with Nathan Alan Terrell, 27, of Redding, California and Tyler Paul Rogers, 18.  

Lynn said police observed the vehicles enter and leave apartment complex in the 800 block of Union Station Parkway.

Officers followed both vehicles and made two separate traffic stops in different locations after observing traffic violations by the drivers. At least one of the stops was just inside Carrollton city limits.

Since both of Lewisville’s K-9 officers were out for training, Lewisville PD called in assistance from Little Elm Police Department, who were the closest available with a K-9.

Lynn said the dog alerted on the U-Haul trailer. In it, police found 418 pounds of marijuana packaged in multiple moving boxes, about 30 packages per box. Lynn said the drugs had a street value of $962,000.

That much marijuana, Lynn said, is destined to be divided up to more than one dealer.

“That’s a huge amount of marijuana,” Lynn said. “Most arrests are for less than two ounces.”

The marijuana was wrapped in such a way that there was not much detectable odor outside of the trailer, Lynn said, crediting the K-9 officer’s sensitive nose for finding it.

Police found marijuana “shake,” or bits and pieces, in the Tahoe, along with between 1 and 4 grams of THC oil. THC is the active compound in marijuana.

Terrell is held in Denton County Jail in lieu of a total bond amount of $110,000. He is charged with possession of marijuana between 50 and 2,000 pounds, a 2nd degree felony for which he could be sentenced to between two and 20 years in prison. He is also charged with possession of between 1 and 4 grams of THC oil, which is a third degree felony.

Cominos is also charged with possession of marijuana between 50 and 2,000 pounds, a 2nd degree felony. She was cited for running a red light. Cominos is held in Denton County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bond.

Rogers was arrested for the THC oil and held on a $5,000 bond.

Lynn said police were still investigating the suspects and their associations.

Update 12/18:

Suspects caught in 418 pound marijuana bust already out of jail




  1. Congratulations. We’ll all be much safer now that some weed is off the streets. Maybe you could use the money you get from stealing their other property to go out and get drunk.

  2. The direct benefits of legalizing pot will be huge but it will bring an unveiling of our failing, of allowing ourselves to be trapped in a vicious web of lies, led by fools, profiteers and moralists who pulled off an enormous scam on each of us, on the whole world for a hundred years. Shame on all of us for allowing this fairy tale to stand for so long, as justice and reality.

    This bust will make no difference, soon enough some other Lewisville son or daughter will be brave enough, desperate enough to haul the pot from California. Sure as the wind blows.

  3. Just more stupid waste of police and Court resources on something that should be completely legal! Lazy cops picking low-hanging fruit instead of fighting real crime.

  4. Funny thing is this i knew this chic from high school. Proud to see at least she was pushing weight and not wasting time with nickles and dimes

  5. Uhhh, thats what police worl is stupids keeping streets clean from illegal shit , swear some ppl these days

  6. Thank God you got the medicine that the people need. I’m sure the cops will get a big thank you from the parmesutical companies. Thanks guys for making everyone fear for their safety. You should.all be ashamed.

  7. The comments above show your stupidity and others that you too believe in breaking the law and do not support our laws and police officers. Move to California if you do not appreciate Texas and her laws…

  8. Thank you snitches for taking much needed medication from those who are smart enough to trust their instincts over the drugs the pharmacies are pushing. As Americans we need to have a choice. Not just what big$ pharmacy’s tell us we can have. RSO for my wife’s cancer. Thc for my diabetes, anxiety, adhd….. but no. Keep me pinned to the black market because you think I’m a criminal because I smoke cannibus and the govy won’t recognize the medicinal benefits. Get rid of Greg Abott.

  9. It is likely that that some of this cannabis was to be used 1) as medicine to alleviate true suffering, 2) as medicine in place of more harmful prescription pharmaceuticals, 3) for recreation in place of alcohol.

    Texas needs to legalize and regulate, like alcohol, ASAP to eliminate this black market that is easily accessible by minors. There’s nothing stopping dangerous crime organizations, who are much more sophisticated than local police, from smuggling unregulated product on an industrial scale. Corporate interests, cannabis competion, are the ones pushing to keep prohibition.

  10. We have bigger problems with drugs that kill people like heroin, hydrocodone and meth.. this tip was top priority?!

  11. Cops are criminals. I’m sure they will steal, smoke, sell profit off this like every other Cop shop. Pigs.

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