Lewisville Police do “Running Man Challenge” video


It was bound to happen.  Lewisville police have now created their own Running Man Challenge video.

The video starts with officer Limon pulling over a traffic violator, who breaks out into the Running Man dance.  The violator is joined by Limon and other officers, who call in K-9.  Officers and a back-flipping “dog” dance around while the “suspect” does the Taser shuffle on the ground.

Flash forward to a courtroom scene with Police Chief Russ Kerbow acting as judge, and the suspect breaking into dance in the courtroom.

LPD forwards the challenge to Flower Mound and Coppell police departments.

Here’s a statement from Lewisville PD:

“Two weeks ago, the Lewisville Police Department received a running man challenge from The Colony Police Department, who had been previously challenged by the Frisco Police Department. After viewing the Frisco PD running man challenge video, Det. Seiuli Gordon quickly went to work planning and choreographing a You Tube masterpiece. Once the dance routine and story line were locked in, a professional film crew was sought to film the Lewisville Police Department’s running man challenge to Flower Mound Police Department and Coppell Police Department. It should be noted that the Lewisville Police running man challenge is worthy of an academy award. The video includes several police employees and City of Lewisville employees, including a cameo appearance by Chief Russ Kerbow who played the role of a sitting judge in the municipal court.”


  1. I love seeing all the police and firefighters doing the running man! It’s the first for a judge!!! Great job!??????

  2. Now, If someone did a shoot a cop challenge video ( which would be as tasteless as this video and wrong on all levels) they would be insulted and crying like babies. What they need is a video challenge in sensitivity and racial bias.

    • Um Norma YOU are tasteless. Theirs always someone like you trying to ruin everything. Here they are trying to have a good time and join in on community and city interactions and someone like you has to be a naysayer. Pathetic.


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