Lewisville opened its newly renovated Firehouse #3, located at 500 W. Round Grove Road.

With residents, city staff and firefighters watching, Fire Chief Tim Tittle and Lewisville Mayor Rudy Durham officially opened the city’s new location of Firehouse #3.

The 12,000 square foot building is located at 500 W. Round Grove Rd. Assistant Fire Chief Mark McNeal welcomed the crowd to the ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 28 by saying he’s proud of the station.

“We hope [the firehouse] will stand as a beacon of safety and security for this community,” McNeal said. “As they see it, they know we will provide and we will be there in the front lines taking care of them.”

Assistant Fire Chief Terry McGrath introduced Fire Chief Tim Tittle, who said this building came from group effort.

“We all work as a team, and that’s why it’s so much fun to work here in this city,” Tittle said. “It’s important to see where we started and where we gotten to today.”

Lewisville Mayor Rudy Durham (center left) and Fire Chief Tim Tittle (center right), accompanied by city staff and council members, unhooked a fire hose to ceremoniously open the firehouse. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

Tittle said the conversation about this station began when former city manager Claude King asked him in 2012 what future needs he saw in the fire department. When King resigned, city manager Donna Barron began working on the project.

“In 2014, we started the blue ribbon bond package to determine which projects we should fund, and this firehouse was one of our top priorities,” Barron said. “When you talk about 2025, what you’re talking about is the public’s expectations, and this is our first real visible sign of a fulfillment of that promise of 2025.”

Tittle said the opening of this station “has been a long time coming.”

During his remarks, Mayor Rudy Durham said a “special thanks to the voters of Lewisville who approved the bond program that allowed this to be built.” He also thanked the city staff, contractors and design team for their work in creating the firehouse.

Gary DeVries, principal at BRW Architects, has worked with Lewisville before, helping to expand and renovate some of the city’s other firehouses. Commenting on the four-fold bi-fold doors of the firehouse for the vehicles, he said it’s the newest technology.

“They open much quicker and they’re a lot less maintenance,” DeVries said. “Because they open to the sides, there’s no issue to run into them.”

Exterior of Firehouse #3. These four-fold, bi-fold doors make it easier and faster for emergency vehicles to leave. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

He said the design of the firehouse is meant to reflect the idea of companionship.  

“It supports the family atmosphere, and it’s so important to have that camaraderie,” DeVries said. “It’s still a very durable facility but it still gives a little bit of comfort and home-like feel.”

The former location of Firehouse #3 was 195 W. Corporate Dr., right behind a 7-11 gas station. Tittle said the personnel from that location moved over to the new one. He said the firehouse has been operating for a couple weeks now so personnel could start becoming accustomed to the area.  

Interior of firehouse. A living room area provides comfort for fire personnel during long shifts. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

City Councilmember Bob Troyer said he was glad to see the building there.

“This is a great facility,” Troyer said. “One of our big moves in [the Lewisville 2025 plan] is thriving neighborhoods, and that can be destroyed if those neighborhoods are not protected. This is going to help protect our southwest quadrant.”

Also at the ceremony, five fire captains, three driver engineers and two firefighters were sworn in for duty. Friends and family accompanied these men and pinned their new badges to their uniforms. After their swearing in, the public was invited to tour the firehouse.

The city is also working on opening another firehouse toward the beginning of next year to serve the Castle Hills area. This eighth firehouse is to be located at 3300 Lakewood Hills Dr.