Lewisville lawmakers pre-file bills for Texas Legislature



Texas lawmakers are pre-filing bills to be considered in the 85th Legislature come January.

Two of Lewisville’s legislators have filed. Senator Jane Nelson of Flower Mound has authored and filed 11 bills. Representative Ron Simmons of Carrollton wrote and filed six bills.

“My primary goal this session is to pass a conservative budget that protects vulnerable children and maintains our commitment to education, transportation, border security and other important priorities,” Nelson said.

Nelson has also coauthored two bills. Simmons told WFAA his biggest priority will be special needs school choice.

“I want to make sure that our families who have those children with special needs have an ability to make sure that that child has the best education that they can,” Simmons said. “If it’s in a public school, great. But if it needs to be something different in another program, they have that option.”

Representative Tan Parker of Flower Mound wrote  in the Cross Timbers Gazette that his greatest responsibility in the legislature will be protecting children in the state of Texas.

“Recently many disturbing reports have come to light related to the state’s foster care system and the Legislature will make every effort to improve the state’s system for protecting and helping abused children in response to these allegations,” he wrote. “Although we previously passed numerous reforms to the Child Protective Services system and increased funding to CPS by $231 million, it is clear the statewide foster care system is broken and must be fixed immediately.”

Parker has not filed any bills as of Nov. 22. Lawmakers may continue to file through March 10, 2017.

Nelson’s filed legislation

SB 72 – Decreased franchise tax rates
SB 73 – Emergency leave
SB 74 – High needs mental health access
SB 75 – Minors joining unions
SB 76 – Sex offender ordinances
SB 77 – Terminating parental rights
SB 78 – CASA computers
SB 79 – Public information
SB 80 – Obsolete reports
SB 81 – Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
SB 82 – Local tourism
SB 8 – Pre-Born Protection and Dignity Act (coauthored)
SB 25 – Wrongful birth cause of action elimination (coauthored)

Simmons’ filed legislation

HB 68 – Grant eligibility for special education services
HB 149 – Immigration governance
HB 151 – Issuance bonds or other debt
HB 154 – School board of trustees term limits
HB 433 – Straight-party voting elimination
HB 434 – Wrongful birth cause of action elimination

To read more about each bill filed for the upcoming legislature, go to http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Search/BillSearch.aspx.

Those wishing to contact Nelson may call her capitol phone at (512) 463-0112 or her local number (817) 424-3446. To contact Simmons, call (512) 463-0478 or (972) 492-2080. Parker can be reached at (512) 463-0688 or (972) 724-8477.