A fire damaged the roof of Terry’s Supermarket Thursday afternoon, but according to Fire Chief Tim Tittle, there were no injuries.

The fire department was called out at 3:28 p.m. as thick black smoke billowed from the rear of the supermarket in the 1000 block of Fox Avenue.

Esteban Herrera, an employee of the Street Dreamz shop on the western side of the building took this photo of smoke billowing from Terry’s roof Thursday afternoon.

Tittle said that it was not yet confirmed, but that early indications were that a gas line inside caught fire, and that followed a flue to the roof, where the roof was ignited.

Firefighters from Lewisville arrived to find heavy fire from the roof, but knocked down the blaze by 3:37 p.m. Flower Mound also initially responded, but was turned away by the time they arrived, according to Tittle.

Shoppers and employees were all evacuated by the fire department. Radio traffic indicated that shoppers were still inside during the blaze before firefighters arrived.

Gabriella Zuvia, a Terry’s employee, said that the fire appeared to start in the Jalisco restaurant, inside Terry’s, and that she was not sure, but thought it was related to a gas line.

There was no visible damage to the outside walls of the building, but firefighters were on the roof with saws and hooks, removing burned portions. Large fans were at the store entrance, ventilating the smoke from the building.

Firefighters work on the roof of Terry’s with saws and hooks after the fire was extinguished. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

Tittle said that the building’s gas had been turned off, but that firefighters did their best to isolate the electricity shutoffs to just the affected area, so that food inside the store would not spoil.

Lewisville health inspectors were onsite to determine whether food remained ok to sell.

It was not yet known how long Terry’s would be closed.

Update: Friday – 5 p.m.: Terry’s remained closed Friday, and phone calls went to a full voicemail box. A person who answered the phone at another Terry’s store said Lewisville was closed, and it was unknown when they would reopen.

Update: Saturday: Terry’s was open this morning.

(Featured photo courtesy of Susan Sigler)

Lewisville Fire Department’s Truck 7 ladder was in front of Terry’s, which had a fire on the roof Thursday
(Photo by Steve Southwell)