Fire at DFW Landfill extinguished quickly

DFW Landfill in the 1600 block of Railroad Street caught fire Friday night. (Photo by Brittnie Hill)

Lewisville Fire Department responded to a fire at DFW landfill in the 1600 block of Railroad Street just after 8 p.m. Friday night.  The fire occurred on the slope of the landfill, billowing black smoke high into the air, visible miles from the city.

Radio traffic indicated that firefighters arrived to find a large pile of trash on fire, surrounded by dirt.  Waste Management personnel with earth movers pushed dirt on the fire to extinguish it, while firefighters brought water.

The acrid smell of the smoke from the fire blew into Railroad Park where several baseball games were under way.  

The smoke stopped sometime around 8:40, indicating it was mostly extinguished.  Firefighters were clear of the scene just after 9 p.m.

Waste Management spokesperson Greta Calvery said she did not have much information on the fire, but that she understood the fire broke out as a load of refuse was being unloaded from a truck in the tipping area.

“Typically it will be a load that is brought in and whatever flammable item in the load that was in a dumpster either mixes with something in the load or just reacts with the temperature and then when the load is dumped it reacts with the air and lights up,” Calvery said.

Calvery confirmed that Waste Management personnel began pushing dirt on it as soon as it broke out, and that with LFD’s help it was extinguished quickly.

To avoid being the cause of a landfill fire, dispose of hazardous waste properly.

Calvery urges residents not to put batteries, household hazardous wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, or other flammable items in the trash.

“There was one load a few years ago that the fire marshal found a bottle of acetone started the fire,” Calvery said.

“Last year in another city pool chemicals reacted with pesticides. It’s dangerous to put flammable materials in the trash.”

Lewisville holds a hazardous waste collection event the second Saturday of each month.

We will update this post if we learn more.