Ex-employee robs Sprint Store, cousins stab each other Friday evening

File photo: Police stretching police line tape at a crime scene. (Photo by Steve Southwell - 2018)

A man security cameras recognized as a former Sprint employee took 65 cell phones from the location on Highway 121 last night, and a Lewisville man was transported to the hospital for a stab wound in the leg inflicted by his cousin earlier in the afternoon. Lewisville Police Capt. Kendall Lynn said police believe there was no malice involved in the stabbing, and that it was simply the result of the two of them fooling around with a knife.

A suspect walked into the Sprint Store at 5050 TX-121 late last night and claimed he had a weapon. One customer believes he saw the outline of a gun on the suspect, but no one saw it in the open. Lynn said the suspect took all of the customers’ and employees’ cell phones to stop them from calling 911, then took the manager into the back and had him open the safe. The suspect left the Sprint Store with 65 brand new cell phones.

As company security was reviewing the footage, they recognized the suspect as a former employee, one who they believed had been involved in the robbery of another Sprint Store in Dallas. Lynn said Lewisville Police contacted the Dallas Police Department, which already had investigators on the case. He said Dallas police recovered 35 of the missing cell phones from a location near where they believe the suspect lives.

Lynn said police are working to bring the suspect in.

Earlier in the afternoon, at least one young Lewisville man was stabbed by his cousin, a wound that required a trip to the hospital and surgery to address.

Lynn said police were alerted to a domestic disturbance around 5:40 p.m. in an apartment complex on E. Corporate Drive. When they arrived, they found a trail of blood that lead to one of the units. Inside, they found a 24-year-old man who Lynn described as extremely intoxicated. He had been stabbed in the leg, and for a time, would only tell police he hadn’t stabbed himself.

Eventually police learned that he had been drinking with his cousin. He had pulled out his knife, started playing around with it and, according to his own account, accidentally stabbed his cousin in the hand. The cousin was upset by this, and the eventual victim said he had invited his cousin to stab him back, leading to the leg wound.

Lynn said that while the wound bled severely and required surgery to close, it was not life-threatening. He said police are looking for the victim’s cousin to corroborate the story, but he does not expect charges to be brought.

“You shouldn’t play with knives when you’re drinking, just like you shouldn’t play with guns,” he said.