Election Results – May 6, 2017 Local Elections


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Update 10:43 p.m.: All precincts in except Dallas County

All Denton and Tarrant County Lewisville ISD precincts are reporting.  The two Dallas County precincts for Lewisville have not reported, but those numbers are typically single digits if at all, so it could be that nobody voted in those precincts.  We’ll try to find out Monday.

Update 8:54 p.m.: Election day totals coming in – Nothing changing

With totals coming in – currently 39 of 67 LISD precincts and 17 of 22 Lewisville precincts, the numbers changed slightly in favor of the underdogs.

Claros beat Gilmore in election day voting, but not by enough to overcome his substantial early voting lead. Gilmore still the winner with 59.1% so far.

Carolyn Wright got more votes that Bob Troyer today, but Bob still is the leader going into the runoff.

Tracy Miller still did well today, but less well than in early voting.

The LISD bond election lost ground today, but not enough to change anything.

Update 7:38 p.m.: LTJ Calls Lewisville Council Place 3

By our calculations based on our estimated election day turnout, Elena Claros would have had to get about 655 of the 800 total votes on election day to overcome TJ Gilmore’s early voting lead.

Update 7:28 p.m.: LTJ Calls bond election:

We suspect the LISD election ended up with about 1/3 the voters on election day as in early voting, based on numbers in Lewisville and Flower Mound. This would put the final vote count somewhere in the 14,000 range, meaning that the winner will need about 7,000. The FOR vote has 6,814 right now, and the AGAINST vote would have to pick up 3,153 votes, or about 95% of today’s vote. Thus, we think it’s mathematically a near certainty that the FOR vote has won. We’re calling it. LISD has itself a $738 million bond package.

Update – Early voting results:

In the LISD Board of Trustees election, LTJ will call both seats based on early voting: Kristi Hassett wins place 6 with 68.96% of the early vote. That is going to be just about mathematically impossible to overcome. Tracy Scott Miller has won his race with 57.01% of the early vote.  In both of these races, candidates only had to get the most votes, not a majority.

The Lewisville ISD Bond Proposition has likely passed with 63.92% of the early vote. We hesitate to call this for a win just yet, due to activity by PACs in the past few days, but it seems like a high bar to overcome.

In Lewisville, TJ Gilmore has 63.69% of the early vote and is the likely winner. In place 1, Bob Troyer has a plurality with 42.47% of the early vote to Carolyn Wright’s 29.73%. Runoff seems likely.

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