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9:30 a.m.: Just a quick recap of last night’s results, for those who don’t want to scroll all the way through:

LISD School Board: Kronda Thimesch (55.92%) and Allison Lassahn (42.66%) win their seats.
Lewisville Mayor: Rudy Durham (57.03%) keeps his seat.
Lewisville Council Place 2: Neil Ferguson (47.63%) and Ronni Cade (32.96%) go to a runoff election June 16.
Castle Hills: Passed a proposition (61.99%) to become part of Lewisville’s Fire Control District, adding a 1/8th cent sales tax.

9:14 a.m.: Quotes from the candidates:

Kronda Thimesch: “I look forward to returning to the work of helping LISD students and families thrive and achieve, and I am grateful to the voters for their faith in me.”
“I applaud Sandra Weinstein for giving her time to run for office, and helping make LISD stronger by sharing her ideas and vision.”

David Hernandez: “I’d like to congratulate Allison Lassahn on a great campaign and a fantastic win! I believe she will keep all of Lewisville in mind as she represents this great district that we call home. I further more can’t wait to see what improvements she’ll bring to benefit the future of this great community!!”

Rudy Durham: “Thank you for all the support.”

Neil Ferguson: “To each and every person who contributed their help or donations to my re-election campaign, I humbly thank you. I know we all wanted and outright win, but the possibility of a runoff in Saturday’s election was there from the moment when, at the close of filing, a third candidate was added.

“I not only knew a runoff was possible, I had already decided that if I were on the shorter end of votes creating a runoff by as little as a 6% differential, I would withdraw to save the city the cost and effort of a special runoff election, and save voters the headache. I felt it was the reasonable and honorable thing to do.

“But as it turns out, we hold a 15% lead instead over the next highest challenger. And so for obvious reasons, I will stay in this race. Without all your support and votes, we could not possibly have done so well.

“This has been a super-long day for me. I have now been up almost 22 hours, out collecting signs after all day at the polls. So I will keep this short and then get some rest. We shall proceed forward towards a full out win. I promise to get back to all of you soon on how you may help make that happen.

“Until then, I send my thanks to all who made this campaign achieve the success it did Saturday. We are so close, and we can do this!”

And from Colleen Marchetti, a proponent of Castle Hills joining the Lewisville Fire Control District:
“Approximately 62% of residents that voted were in favor of joining the Lewisville Fire Control District. I believe this will be beneficial for Castle Hills residents and am glad so many others agreed. I look forward to Castle Hills continuing our relationship with the City of Lewisville and the Fire and EMS services that they will continue to provide us through the fire control district. Regardless of one’s position on the proposition, we are all thankful for the men and women of the Fire and EMS departments that serve our residents and community every day.”

1:37 a.m.: Here’s how Lewisville ISD cities’ votes fed into LISD:

LISD Votes – by city

Again, note that these come from Denton County turnout numbers by precinct. There could be some weird stuff where precincts don’t neatly line up exactly at school district boundaries, so the numbers here are not going to match up 100% with LISD race totals, but it’s enough to get a picture. (LISD vote total is 9,746 in Denton County, but these numbers add up to 11,027.)

Flower Mound led with 44.8 percent. Lewisville took second place with less than half that: 21.4 percent. Of particular interest: The Colony, which moved its city elections to November took only 4.1 percent of the vote.

I’m not happy with the mismatch in numbers, so I’m going to try to find a way to get LISD’s totals from each of the precincts. It’s always complicated by the difference between voter checkins and actual votes cast. This is under-vote where typically a voter won’t care about a given race, so they decide not to vote in it. I reserve the right to swap out this chart with a better one if I can get better numbers tomorrow.

12:25 a.m.:
Here’s how this year’s voter turnout compares to previous years:

Vote counts by vote type for City of Lewisville (Denton County only) for the past several years)

We had a total of about 2377 this year. It’s hard to get a precise number because early and absentee totals included everyone who checked in, but election day totals only include the highest Lewisville race vote count. Some people check in but don’t vote in all races, so these totals are never going to exactly match. We’re also only looking at the Denton County portion of the vote, so there’s a handful missing here.

The biggest takeaway is that absentee voting is a huge increase from prior years. We suspect there is a concerted effort from one or both of the political parties to get their voters to mail in their ballots. We’ve not really analyzed how those voters fall politically.

But, here are the major differences in outcomes:
In Lewisville, absentee ballots only turned out 18.61 percent for Winston Edmondson, although he got 30.53 percent overall. Mary Smith did better in absentee voting than overall. In absentee voting, she got 30.03 percent, compared to 19.41 percent overall. Penny Mallet pulled in 20.10 percent in absentee, but only 12.44 percent overall.

10:05 p.m.: 100 percent of precincts are now reporting. We’ve added the Tarrant County vote into the LISD totals. We’re done with LISD and Lewisville for the night. We’ll have a summary article in the morning.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Democracy still works at the local level.

9:55 p.m.: Other interesting local results:
Flower Mound will go into a runoff for its Mayoral race. Cathy Strathmann received 6 more votes than Steve Dixon. Each got just over 43 percent in a four-way race.

Sandeep Sharma defeats Albert Picardi for Council Place 2, and Jim Engel got 55.12 percent in a three-way race for Place 4, beating Don McDaniel and Tony Lawrence.

In Castle Hills, the DCFWSD #1B borad elects directors Amish Patel and Ed Brownstein. District 1F elected Tanya Carlis, Audrey Wiseman, and Katrina English.

With all precincts reporting, Castle Hills has approved joining Lewisville’s Fire Prevention District for a 1/8th cent sales tax to support the fire department. It passed with 61.99 percent.

9:45 p.m.: Winston Edmondson posted this on Facebook in the City of Lewisville group:
“Well, my friends, we didn’t come out on top. I just spoke with Mayor Durham and congratulated him on his victory. I want to thank each and every one of you for participating in this election conversation over the last few months. I can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed visiting with you, in person and here on Facebook. I’m humbled by the support I received. Your kind words and encouragement always came at just the right time. Thank you.

“Now that the election is over, I hope we can put our differences aside and come together as one community. I care deeply about all of you. We may not agree on everything, but I still think of you as my City of Lewisville brothers and sisters. ❤”

9:42 p.m.: For those wondering about the Tarrant County precinct that LISD has: It’s not a strong vote:

Tarrant County LISD results.

We’ll add them into our results below once Denton County is completely reported.

9:23 p.m.: Lewisville City Council will canvass the results at 7:30 a.m. May 16th. No seats will change hands. Mayor Durham will keep his seat, having won outright. Ferguson and Cade will face each other in a runoff for Place 2. June 16th is the runoff election.

95% of Lewisville precincts are reporting, and we don’t expect any changes.

Since the tallies dribbling in are showing no signs of changing any results, we will put out updates more slowly.

9:13 p.m.: All but one of the Lewisville precincts are fully reporting. Not sure at this point which one isn’t, but it won’t matter. Both Dallas county precincts are reported, and those totals added into the totals below. The Mayor’s race has 2,355 votes total.

BTW, here’s a photo of David Hernandez from his watch party at Prohibition Chicken in Lewisville:

David Hernandez and team were watching the results at Prohibition Chicken. (Photo by James Norman)

BTW, we’re still not adding in the likely single-digit totals from LISD’s Tarrant County portion. They won’t make a difference.

9:00 p.m.: Our James Norman caught up with Allison Lassahn at Blue Goose Cantina where her watch party is being held.
Lassahn: “I’m so excited. I’m so excited. We’ve worked really hard and I feel like the hard work has paid off. But I’ll feel better when everything comes in.”

LTJ:How satisfying does this feel given the work that went into it?

Lassahn: “It is very satisfying because it’s just completely consumed my life and my families life for the last few months. So for it to finally pay off, it’s just beyond exciting.”

On what she’ll work on first: “There are several things, like pet projects I’d like to look into. One of those is to understand the drug use and drug problems and I’ll probably start with Marcus High School. And then just hit the ground running and learn what I need to learn to be effective trustee and get a handle on the budget, things like that.”

Allison Lassahn with her son Kyle at her watch party. (Photo by James Norman)

8:45 p.m.: LISD now has 36 of 69 precincts reporting. The Lewisville vote just came in, but the needle hasn’t moved much for the place 2 race. Lassahn still leads with 43.7 percent. As the leader, if she maintains the plurality, she wins. There is no runoff for the school board election.

8:41 p.m.: With 17 out of 22 precincts reporting, votes at the Municipal Annex have been counted. We’ve updated the city council races. Place 2 is definitely headed to a runoff. Ferguson lost a little ground and now has 47.65 percent of the vote to Cade’s 32.93 percent.

We’ll update school board races momentarily.

8:33 p.m.: Still watching for updated returns. LISD results trickling in. No update on city elections.

Neil Ferguson is watching for these results to see if he might possibly avoid a runoff.

Quote from Penny Mallet: Because of them I could. Because of me they can. Thanks Lewisville Supporters!

8:12 p.m.: We’ve updated LISD totals to indicate results from election day for 5 precincts. It doesn’t really move the needle. Lewisville city precincts are still not reporting. We’re not adding in Tarrant County results to LISD just yet because they are tiny numbers and it won’t make a difference.

8:05 p.m.: Regarding that election to get Castle Hills into Lewisville’s Fire Prevention District, DCFWSD 1B director Patrick Kelly, who was against the measure said the following: “I’m disappointed in the result. However, the direct process is the purest form of democracy, and the wishes of Castle Hills are clear. I look forward to working with the Lewisville City Council in the best interests of our respective constituencies.” Kelly was opposed to the idea because the Lewisville City Council serves as the district’s board of directors, and since Castle Hills residents can’t vote for them, he felt it was taxation without representation.

7:52 p.m.: Neither Mayor Rudy Durham or challenger Winston Edmondson wanted to give a comment yet, but both said they’d maybe say something later when the final totals come in.

7:41 p.m.: Quotes from candidates:
David Hernandez: “I’m actually really surprised and actually glad with the results so far. For someone who couldn’t campaign as much during the day as I was in school for seven hours each day during early voting. Having 2000 of the votes and only being down 1,000 so far, that’s actually fantastic in my opinion … however the race turns out, this was just the starting point for me, win or lose. I’m still young, which used to be the negative people brought up, but I see it as a positive. People were 60 running for town council. I’m 18 I have the rest of my life to run again.”

Ronni Cade “Well darn! It’s a runoff. But we’re up for it”

7:35 p.m. If Lewisville holds a runoff election (and it looks like we will), then it will be on June 16, says Lewisville City Secretary Julie Heinze.

7:30 p.m. Here’s a map of how the early vote played out in LISD Place 2:

Check out the blue portions, which is mostly Lewisville. Those are the areas won by Lewisville’s David Hernandez. Allison Lassahn won most of Flower Mound. This is where it really shows up how Lewisville’s weak voter turnout affects school board elections.

7:23 p.m. The proposition to have Castle Hills join Lewisville’s Fire Prevention District, with it’s 1/8 cent sales tax appears to be passing, with 60 percent of the vote. Since we don’t have a good feeling for election day turnout, we’re not going to call this one until election day results are in. There has been a recent uptick in anti-proposition discussion online recently, so we think election day has the chance to swing this.

7:20 p.m.: Kronda Thimesch leads LISD place 1 voting with 55.28 percent of the vote over challenger Sandra Weinstein. We think it’s very likely she holds onto her seat. She only needs about 1,142 out of today’s predicted 3,000 votes in order to maintain her lead.

In place two, Allison Lassahn has 44.29 percent of the vote, followed by David Hernandez with 30.84 percent. Remember, this is a race where the candidate with the most votes wins without a runoff. She would have had to drop her 911-vote advantage in election day voting today in order to lose. We won’t call this yet, but it’s likely she’s won.

7:15 p.m.: Neil Ferguson received the most votes in the race for city council place 2. He’s got 47.69 percent, which is not enough to avoid a runoff with Ronni Cade, the second place finisher. He needs to pick up about 389 votes in election day voting to get above the 50 percent-plus-one threshold.

7:10 p.m.: It looks like Rudy Durham holds onto his seat as Lewisville Mayor. He garnered 58.33 percent of the early vote, which means he only needed to get 199 of today’s forecast 700 votes to hold onto that lead. We predict Durham wins.

7:05 p.m.: Early results are in. Refresh below to see the results and we’ll be back soon with analysis.

6:30 p.m.:  Turnout as of 5:30 p.m. at the following polling locations:

  • Lewisville: 616
  • Flower Mound Police and Courts: 486 and 74
  • Flower Mound Library: 843


Shortly after 7 p.m. the Lewisville Texan Journal will begin posting results in the May 5, 2018 city and school board elections, as returns come in. Stay tuned.


  1. Since Ms. Cade had a 15% deficit in the final count, perhaps she should consider removing herself from runoff consideration and saving our City the costs of a runoff election. If she does withdraw she will certainly gain favor with this voter in her next run for office.


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