Council votes to name multi-generational center “Thrive” at meeting, denies zone change and furthers 2025 plan

Stacie Anaya presents "Thrive" as the name request for the new multi-generational center. The name was unanimously chosen by council.

City Council Monday evening decided on a name for the new multi-generational center and held four public hearings. There was one zone change request rejected on the night and three special use permits passed, as well as a development plan for the Old Town North Small Area and Southwest Lewisville Small Area.

Prior to the meeting, council held a work session where they heard an update on the multi-generational center and the rodeo arena.

Thrive was the name chosen for the center. Council chose it over the other name presented, Rise, which was also presented at a meeting in April and received unanimous rejection from council. According to the presentation, the two names had come from a list of almost 30. The names also came with their own package of logos and taglines for marketing purposes.

In addition to the name, council also approved an item on the consent agenda that established a guaranteed maximum price of $37.2 million for the project. Council initially budgeted $46 million for the project, including for the design process. With the final budget now set, construction is scheduled to begin July 20 with Thrive scheduled to open spring 2020. One notable change to the original plan is the shutting down of the rec center and senior center earlier than anticipated and relocating all activities to a suite in Music City Mall for the next 18 months.

Council denied a proposed expansion to the Autumn Breeze Apartment Complex on Business 121. The expansion onto a vacant lot adjacent to the complex would have added a three-story unit with 18 three-bedroom apartments and connected the complex to the north side of Southwest Parkway. The Planning and Zoning Committee recommended unanimous denial at their June 5 meeting, according to background material, as the request is not consistent with Big Move #5 of Lewisville’s 2025 plan, which outlines appropriate locations and types of multi-family housing.

The consent agenda included an approval of a $223,186 agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates to design a traffic network master communication plan. This plan is part of the city’s larger communication master plan and will address the replacement of a legacy network that background material claims fails to meet the current and future needs of the city. Also on the consent agenda was the approval of a $90,000 contract with Bolivar Bronze for the Wayne Ferguson statue that was approved in May.

In the regular hearings, council passed two previously tabled items, which included a variance in the expansion of the First Baptist Church and an update of the Parkland Dedication Ordinance. Council also appointed Councilman TJ Gilmore to the Lewisville High School INCubator board of directors and Councilman Bob Troyer as the alternate. They will judge proposals for the school’s new entrepreneurial curriculum, which council approved the money for earlier this year.

Two additional special-use permits were passed on the night, including one that proposed a 112-foot communication tower, which will be located at an existing electrical substation, according to background material. The tower will help with monitoring and communication on the site.

The other permit dealt with a special-use permit for Moseley Auto dealership. The permit will allow the owner to upgrade the building, which involves adding new windows and landscaping enhancements, according to background material.

During the workshop session, which had to extend into and after the official meeting due to time constraints, council received a presentation on the needs of the rodeo arena, which totaled $835,000.

The needs were broken down into long-term, short-term and immediate needs.Community relations and tourism director James Kunke listed out the immediate needs as new arena sand, fencing, an announcing stand and electric wiring and lights, all of which added up to an estimated $425,000. Without the announcing stand and wiring, the cost would be $175,000. Kunke said that without investing at least this much, the venue would not be safe for this year’s rodeo.

Long-term needs included a concessions stand and restrooms. The arena currently brings in portable bathrooms in lieu of a permanent building during events, and building permanent restroom would cost an estimated $300,000, specifically because of only one sewer connection, which goes to the current concessions stand.

Discussion on the topic turned to the possibility of relocating the arena to a more fitting area, with council ultimately deciding to pursue a plan for short-term improvements, and discuss a plan for long-term improvements in the future.

Several members, including Councilman Brent Daniels, expressed sentiments for the tradition the original rodeo has.

“[I love Lewisville because] even though it’s a big town, it’s got a small town feel and a lot of that comes from our traditions, including the labor day rodeo,” Daniels said. “We’re one of the few cities that has this and it’s something I’d like to keep because I think it makes Lewisville special.”

Council and city staff also discussed the upcoming FY 2019 budget before the workshop session. The Lewisville Texan Journal will examine that budget as soon as possible.

Lewisville City Council meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of every month at Lewisville City Hall, 151 W. Church St. A workshop session is typically held at 6 p.m. These meetings are open to the public. Council will meet again on July 16.


  1. Congratulations to the Council on their decision to name our MGC “Thrive”. A name which actually embodies the spirit of Lewisville. The other name offered was finally recognized as meaningless drivel. No thanks to the syncophants who kept pushing the other name despite the Council having disapproved the initial proposal of the other offering.

    Common sense and pragmatism are the hallmarks of Lewisville. Thankfully they won out.

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