Council reviews mid-year report, approves resolution to keep Kelloggs in town, denies Oncor application

This year's city graduates are Christine Purdum, Deanna Perkins, Eric Page, Jacqueline Reed, Jim Mustain, Jocelyn McMurray, Kathy Faulkenberry, Kathy Mullane, Kevin Grubbs, Laura Griffin, Marcelo Borges, Mneka Cos-Okpalla, Scholastica Ekpunobi, Sharon Wood and Tammy Hardy.

City Council met Monday and approved the city’s mid-year report, a couple agreements and resolutions and a bid award. They also graduated the third class of the Lewisville Citizen’s University Members.

The public hearing for the city code changes related to the I-35E redevelopment plan will be continued at the June 4 council meeting.

Two resolutions were passed at the meeting. One involved Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC. The resolution contained a denial of the application submitted by the company, which was filed as an application on April 5 and would aim to increase distribution rates within the city. Oncor was seeking to increase their distribution revenues, which are a little more than $19 million, according to background material. It also found the company will reimburse the city’s reasonable rate case expenses.

Council approved two agreements, including one between DFW Lewisville Partners, GP. The city will rebate half the city property taxes on a property owned by GP worth almost $34 million so the tenant, which provides 100 jobs to the city, will stay in the building, according to background material. The building is occupied by Kellogg’s as their regional distribution center and will allow Lewisville to retain them as a tenant for the next five years.

The other agreement was between the city and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to mark certain vehicle records and refuse to register them if the owner has outstanding warrants dealing with failure to pay a fine that involves a traffic law violation, according to background material.

The other resolution passed included nominating a representative and an alternate representative to the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ Regional Transportation Council. Mayor Rudy Durham has been the representative in the past, with Highland Village Mayor Charlotte Wilcox being the alternate. Council voted to continue this.

A bid award to Global 7 and Texas A&M Engineering and Extension Service was passed and will allow the design, conduction and evaluation a full-scale terrorism-related exercise, according to the agenda. The bid totaled $58,000. Seven proposals in total were received for this project. Council also honored and congratulated the 2017-2018 Lewisville Citizen’s University Members at the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, council met at 5:30 for a work session to see the mid-year report for the city, which goes over the budget after six months of the fiscal year and how city projects are progressing. It showed positive news with general fund revenue for the year anticipated to be $1.8 million higher than budgeted. Sales tax revenue is outpacing last year’s receipts by about 2 percent and receipts from building permits and landfill host fees are adding to the improved revenue.

During workshop they also received a request and presentation from the Denton County Homeless Coalition. Their request dealt with hiring a new housing navigator, which they said would help those they serve better navigate the housing market, as well as assist their organization with relations between them and the community. The presentation was requested by council member TJ Gilmore, according to the agenda.

The presentation gave an update on the coalition’s leadership team and new data, as well as methods the coalition is using to track homelessness. The presentation ended with the request. The position’s salary is set to be $55,430. Lewisville would pay just less than $23,000, with Denton paying almost $28,000. The Denton County Commissioner’s Court will pay a little less than $5,000.

Lewisville City Council meets at 7 p.m. the first and third Monday of the month at City Hall, 151 W. Church St. in Lewisville. Meetings usually have an informational workshop session prior to the meeting starting at or around 6 p.m.

Editor’s note:  This post was updated to more accurately explain the Kelloggs tax abatement as a rebate.