Congressional District 26 candidates: Michael Burgess, Linsey Fagan

Republican incumbent Michael Burgess is running opposed by Democrat Linsey Fagan.

Republican incumbent Michael Burgess in Texas’ 26th congressional district is running opposed by Democrat Linsey Fagan.

Burgess has served as a congressman since 2003. According to Five-Thirty-Eight, a political analysis website, Burgess votes in line with President Donald Trump nearly 96 percent of the time.  

According to his website, Burgess believes repealing the Affordable Care Act will increase patient choice and reduce healthcare costs. Burgess also says he advocates for environmental policies that ensure safe and affordable energy production that maintain jobs.

On immigration, he says he will not support legislation that will implement an amnesty program, as he’d rather focus efforts in gaining control of the U.S. borders. At a town hall meeting in August, Burgess expressed his support for Trump’s ideas for strengthening the borders.

At the same town hall, when asked about Russian interference in the 2016 elections, he said ballot integrity is the responsibility of local and state municipalities and assured the audience area counties have improved their processes.

In May earlier this year, Burgess voted yes on a bill making targeted attacks on law enforcement officers a federal crime. He also supported legislation in March that would provide funding for measure to prevent school violence, including training for officials and threat protection. Both bills were referred to the Senate Judiciary committee.

Fagan, born and raised in Keller, is a single mom running “to champion the causes of [her] community,” according to her website. She has never held a political office before. She began her own consulting business in online analytics, worked at a tech incubator and ran global alliances and sales for an IT compliance firm.

On her website, Fagan says she will fight for equal treatment of women and oppose cuts in funding women’s health clinics. She supports Medicare expansion to create affordable healthcare and also supports a path to citizenship for Dreamers, immigrants under DACA. She says she will protect programs like Social Security and Medicaid.

The Denton Record Chronicle reports one of Fagan’s top priorities is to reduce the influence of corporate campaign donations on the political process.

“Where Republicans and Democrats can disagree on a lot of things, we can certainly in a lot more cases come to some common ground if there wasn’t as much corporate money involved,” Fagan told the DRC. “I know that I have more work cut out for me.”

Fagan has been endorsed by Moms Demand Action, Texas Young Democrats and Our Revolution Texas.   

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