City hires internally for next LPD chief

Assistant chief Kevin Deaver will become Lewisville's next police chief in August. (Photo by Leopold Knopp)

After a statewide search, Lewisville announced Monday that it would hire current Assistant Chief Kevin Deaver to replace long-serving police chief Russ Kerbow, who will retire in August. Deaver has been a police officer since 1989 and served with Lewisville since 1998.

As assistant chief, Deaver had a hand in many of the police department’s more recent policy decisions, and expects little to change. He said he’s served as the school liaison and supported the steps Lewisville ISD has taken to keep their schools safe. He was involved with the summer traffic enforcement program that started this year, which he said could extend into the fall and year-round if it proved successful. He also helped write the most recent changes to LPD’s hiring policies.

Deaver started out with the San Angelo Police Department after growing up in West Texas, but moved to the Metroplex when his family relocated to Oklahoma. He said that Lewisville was recommended to him specifically.

“When I was looking for a department to go to in the Metroplex, I reached out to one department that I’d heard good things about, but they were not hiring at the time,” Deaver said. “I asked the recruiter if there was another place … and he told me Lewisville.”

Deaver started on patrol duty, as many police officers do, then spent about three years as a canine officer before going into narcotics, which he said was his main interest when he initially got into law enforcement.

“That’s a position where I feel like you truly make a difference. Seeing that bad element be taken off the streets I think affects many, many crimes,” he said. “Car burglars steal things so that they can go pawn it and get money for drugs. That’s why people steal things a lot of time, is to get money for drugs.”

Deaver was eventually promoted to the assistant chief role in 2016, where he watches over administrative and internal processes before being named as the next chief earlier this week. Deaver said his goals as chief will be to expand community engagement. He said he would continue doing coffee with cops events and was in the very early stages of planning more town hall-style events with the community.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every moment that I did that [narcotics], but law enforcement is all-encompassing,” he said. “I don’t believe a police department can be successful without that partnership with the community, and make sure that we’re providing that service that we need to … and doing so in a professional manner.”

Deaver said he was looking forward to stepping into the chief’s role.

“I’m excited about the opportunity, extremely humbled by it as well,” he said. “It’s something that I’ve worked a long time for in my career. I think I have the leadership qualities necessary to lead this department. I look forward to doing that.”

Kerbow, a Lewisville High School graduate, has served with LPD for 40 years and as its chief for the past 10. His retirement, announced in January, is effective Aug. 31.


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