Two adults and an infant were asleep in their bedroom at the Hebron 121 Apartments at 2 a.m. in the morning Oct. 11 when more than a dozen shots rang out in the parking lot. One stray bullet entered their window, bounced off the back wall and came to rest in the carpet of their bedroom.

D’Mario Jenkins – booking photo courtesy Lewisville Police Department

Both men suspected to be involved in the shooting match that morning, D’Mario Marques Jenkins, 21, and James Earl McField, 29, have both been charged with deadly conduct after they fired more than a dozen rounds at each other that morning. Jenkins was hit in the leg and checked himself in to the hospital soon after, but miraculously, no one else was hurt.


James McField – Booking photo courtesy Lewisville Police Department

According to their probable cause affidavits, two police officers were already at the nearby Lakepointe Residences on an unrelated call when they heard about a dozen shots ring out from the south. The officers immediately headed that direction, and were informed by dispatch that multiple 911 calls had come in regarding gunfire at the Hebron 121 apartment complex, and that a silver Ford had been seen speeding away from the complex immediately afterward.

Officers did not see the vehicle when they arrived, but they found several .40 caliber cartridge casings and shrapnel on the north side of building 889. Detectives would eventually find 17 cartridge casings in total, with residents saying they looked almost until dawn.

Officers were informed by dispatch that Jenkins had checked in to Medical City Lewisville with a gunshot wound soon after. Jenkins told officers that he and his friends were “just chilling” in the area when they heard gunfire, and bolted. Jenkins realized he had been shot in the leg and drove to the hospital.

At 3:45 p.m. that afternoon, officers were informed that the apartment manager had security video of the incident. According to the affidavit, security footage showed a silver Ford Taurus enter the apartment complex at about 1:48 a.m. and park, soon followed by a second vehicle. The apartment manager said this vehicle belonged to and was driven by McField, who lives in the complex.

McField flashed his high beams in an apparent attempt to get the Taurus’ attention, then parked, exited his vehicle and walked past the Taurus. Jenkins stepped out of the back seat of the Taurus and confronted McField. They appear to exchange words, with McField keeping his right hand in his coat pocket, and then they began to exchange gunfire. As the shooting started, McField ran south around the building and into the breezeway leading to his apartment. Jenkins got back in the Taurus, which sped off.

Jenkins was arrested the next day, and McField would eventually turn himself in on Oct. 16. Both have been charged with deadly conduct and have been released on a $25,000 bond. The cases will move to the district attorney’s office to consider prosecution.


  1. I live in this community and they sent out a notice that said a gun was discharged. Never said anything about 17 rounds, someone getting shot or a stray bullet going in to a unit. You guys should follow up on that!!!

  2. We also live in the complex and they were horrible at communicating this to tenants. This was the second shooting in a two week span at our complex. This place is becoming ghetto. We are moving out after living here for three years. Stay away from this place!!

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