Body found near Southwest Pkwy and SH 121 Business

Police stretched crime scene tape around the scene where a body was found Tuesday afternoon.

Numerous police cars blocked a northbound lane of S.H. 121 Business Tuesday afternoon. According to LPD Captain Dan Rochelle, they were there to investigate the body of a deceased person that was found at about noon.

Rochelle did not have information to release immediately regarding the situation.

Police were on the east side of the highway near Timber Creek, focused on a wooded area there.

Update: 1:57 p.m.:

Police were called to a stabbing at the QT gas station at 1701 S. 121 Business at 2:44 a.m. Tuesday morning.  The male caller had told a 911 dispatcher that they got into a fight with another person in the woods across the street, and that he stabbed the person. 

The caller told 911 that he believed he might have killed the person who he thought was homeless.

Medics were called to the scene after the initial call.

The QT station is across the street from where the body was found.

Radio traffic indicates that police on duty this afternoon were aware of the early morning stabbing as they were called out to the scene where the body was found.

Update: 2:10 p.m.:

Capt. Dan Rochelle confirmed the call from early this morning about the stabbing, saying that a man said he stabbed someone in self-defense.  Rochelle said that police searched the area overnight and earlier today and had not found the body.  He said that despite the appearance, PD was not ready to say that the calls were related or that the body belonged to the stabbing victim.

Update 2:51 p.m.:

Rochelle said that the deceased person appeared to be a homicide victim, and that detectives were questioning the person who had called them early this morning about the stabbing.  There has been no arrest.  The nature of the original call was that the stabbing could have been justified.  Rochelle said detectives would work to figure that out.

According to Rochelle, the body had not yet been moved, and the medical examiner was on site to investigate.

Rochelle said that police knew of homeless people who stay in the area, but that he was not sure whether the victim was homeless.

Update 11/2 – 7:25 p.m.

Lewisville Police have 25-year-old Justin Thomas Allison in custody on a murder charge in this case.  His bond is set at $25,000.

The medical examiner has completed an autopsy on the victim, 61-year-old Monte Swinford, who was homeless.  He died from 26 stab wounds.  Rochelle said police believe that number of wounds was unreasonable in relation to Allison’s claim of self-defense.

Police obtained a warrant late Thursday afternoon, and Allison turned himself in.

Update 7/19/2021

We are told that charges against Allison were dropped in May 2018, and that the killing was ruled in self-defense.  A records search related to the case turns up nothing, so we are inclined to believe it.


  1. Why not look for a blood trail? Get a dog and give scent of dead guy’s blood see if it traces back to QT.

  2. Yikes….a little too close to home! My vet’s clinic is right behind that Whataburger!!

    I didn’t realize Lewisville had a “homeless population”. I’ve lived here over 21 years!! I wonder if there’s a safe, pragmatic way for our community to help them (stay warm, stay hydrated, etc).

    • Yes. The homeless tend to stay in wooded areas, hopefully near a creek so they can bathe. I was surprised to learn how many Denton has. If you want to work together on helping them, let me know. Ann

  3. Homeless or not this man is a human being…yes i personally knew him…NO ONE DESERVES TO BE STABBED 26 times this mans intention was to kill him…monte is very petite and there is absolutely no way he intised his killer…ITS CALLED PURE HATE and its definitely sad that lewisville has become of this ive lived her for 37 yrs

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