Birkenstock runs against incumbent Republican for 26th


With primary races already underway for the 26th congressional seat, local businesswoman Veronica Birkenstock is the first Republican to challenge incumbent Michael Burgess.

For more than 20 years, Birkenstock has run her company Practical Employee Solutions and has been involved with congressional lobbying and organizing grassroots efforts. She contributed to and campaigned heavily for president Donald Trump and was even selected for his Department of Labor landing committee, though she said she had to step down because she had an established business relationship with him.

Practical Employee Solutions is a work-placement business for temporary foreign workers using the H-2B visa. The company’s story began in the mid-’80s when Birkenstock was a human relations director in a hotel in South Carolina. Housekeeping was so understaffed that management and kitchen staff were asked to help clean rooms, Birkenstock said. They simply couldn’t find people to take the temporary room service jobs during peak season.

Birkenstock arranged for foreign workers to come in, and the season was saved. Other hotels asked for help with the same problems, and eventually, making these arrangements grew into a full-time job, then its own company in 1996. The company has since expanded to serve several industries.

“It was crazy. We could not keep up with the growth. It was unbelievable,” she said. “You found a solution that’s going to save the industry, and it did for those who have a seasonal need or a peak-growth need.”

While placing foreign nationals in jobs may seem counter to the “America first” mantra, employers are legally required to actively seek out Americans to fill the jobs in question before offering them to foreign workers. Birkenstock said she views the program as a potential solution to illegal immigration by giving a path to legal employment.

“H-2B is actually the solution to the illegal problem. It can be done,” she said. “I’ve been doing it since 1996. It will work.”

After founding a company that regularly dealt with the departments of labor, state and homeland security, Birkenstock said she began regularly petitioning congress for more favorable federal regulations. She now says she spends two weeks out of the month in Washington D.C.

Birkenstock said she is running because she is dissatisfied with Congress’ inaction, specifically its inability to pass healthcare reform and apparent lack of a plan to do so despite seven years of preparation time. She also said current District 26 rep. Michael Burgess has been particularly difficult to work with over the years, and she decided to run specifically after an ugly encounter with him in December.

Birkenstock’s business relationship with Trump began when Trump hotel chains used her services to fill seasonal vacancies. She said that his “drain the swamp” message and passion for doing what is best for the U.S. resonated with her.

Burgess was first elected in 2002, never getting less than 60 percent of the vote in the general election. Four candidates have declared they will run against him as Democrats. Denton County Republican Party chair Lisa Hendrickson said she expects more Republican candidates to declare they will run against him and Birkenstock in the primary shortly.


  1. Vote No on Veronica Birkenstock, Birkenstock provides low wage employees from other countries and takes jobs away from Americans especially Texans

  2. Dyana, would love to meet with you to explain the program. Sadly many people do not understand the various visa programs. The H2b Non Immingrant Visa Program was America’s First long before it was a political slogan. Every employer is required by law to advertise , place job orders in every State Workforce Agency and every territory up to 90 days. That’s 3 minutes months of recruiting. These are temporary jobs – 6-9 months and are unskilled. The wage is NOT the low minimum wage – you would be surprised to know that it is the AVERAGE wage in the area of intended employment. So it actually increases the wages in the market place. While many Elect to hire illegals, who are not only breaking the law, encourage expansion of illegal employment, provide no tax revenue, benefits, or worker protectionsz. I’m sure since you now know the details, you will joIn thousands who celebrate these employers who go to extreme measures to hire willing and able bodied American workers, but make a decision to hire LEGAL – e-verifiable workers! Btw, Mr Trump uses the program. Have a blessed day!

  3. If I was in Texas I would definitely Not vote for her and I am a Trump supporter. There are Americans who will do these jobs if they are paid a decent wage. Stop this importing of foreign labor and let’s put America First and Americans First! Is that so hard to grasp Veronica Berkenstock?


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