Steve Bacchus served his community for over 40 years, until his retirement last week. Those who worked alongside Bacchus said they will always cherish both his character and his contributions to the City of Lewisville.

Bacchus began working for the city in 1976. A recent graduate from Midwestern State University with a double major in chemistry and biology, he was hired as a lab technician at the city’s water treatment plant. From there he worked his way up to running the water plant, managing all of the cities service departments and eventually becoming the assistant city manager. His intelligence and knowledge of the city was one of Bacchus’ most valuable assets Council Member Neil Ferguson said .

“I don’t think anyone else will know this city like the back of his hand,” Ferguson said. “Not the way Steve did.“

Bacchus’ immense knowledge of the water systems and city as a whole were a great asset City Manager Donna Barron said, and his impact on the city’s water treatment plants highlights that. Bacchus led the overhaul of the cities water treatment plant. Thanks to Bacchus, Lewisville became the fourth city in Texas to be given the rating of “superior public water supply”, the highest possible rating, a rating the city continues to hold.

Coworkers remember Bacchus for what he did for the city as well as what kind of man he was.

“There’s not a better person,” Donna Barron said, “Steve and I grew up in this organization.”

A mock up of what the Kealy Operations Center will look like after being renamed the Steven L. Bacchus Public Services Center. (Photo by The City of Lewisville)
A mock up of what the Kealy Operations Center will look like after being renamed the Steven L. Bacchus Public Services Center. (Photo by The City of Lewisville)

Barron and Bacchus worked together for over 27 years. It was Bacchus who was assigned to show Barron around on her first day working for the city. The two spent time working side by side as assistant city managers. Barron said she will always remember how even when Bacchus was as high ranking in the city as he was, he would always help someone that needed it. When he would receive a call that someone needed trees cut, he would go out and cut them himself she recounted.


“For Steve there was no job that was too big or too small,” Barron said.

It was more than just a job to Bacchus— he actually wanted to help the people in the city that he served for, said Deputy City Manager Eric Ferris. Those who worked with him will remember his hard working mentality. Serving his community was more than just a 9 to 5 job, it was his life.

“Steve put the city of Lewisville first,” said Ferris, who has assumed Bacchus’ duties. “He was a 24/7 man for the City of Lewisville”

Bacchus’ desire to serve his community ran in  in his blood. His father Hal, who died in 2010, served as the mayor of Frisco from 1965 to 1977

“Steve watched his dad serve the community,” Ferris said. “And he learned a lot from him.”

That desire to serve his community was passed onto his sons as well. All three of his sons work in public service. Jason works for Denton County, Cory is an air traffic controller and his youngest, Paul, is a firefighter.

Now that he has retired, Bacchus and his wife Suzie have moved to a ranch in Saint Jo, Texas. Bacchus has in no way lost his desire to give back to his community though, he is already participating in Meals on Wheels, Barron said.

To permanently recognize Steve Bacchus for his many years of selfless service to the City of Lewisville, the Kealy Operations Center located at 1100 N Kealy St. will be renamed the Steven L. Bacchus Public Services Center.


  1. Steve Bacchus’ record of service to Lewisville will never be equaled. Someone else may have worked for the city as long but it does not seem likely they will do so with such dedication. He may be retired now, but he will continue being an inspiration to all who know him. Smart man. Decent man. Humble man. Deserving of the honor of having his name on the Public Services Center. Enjoy your retirement Steve B. You certainly earned it.

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