Apartment office in ruins after 2-alarm fire

The burnt-up remains of the Fox Hollow Apartment office in Lewisville. No one was hurt in the 2-alarm fire. (Photo by Leopold Knopp)

The office building of Fox Hollow Apartments has been reduced to a charred husk after a 2-alarm fire broke out inside in the wee hours of Saturday morning, Nov. 10. No one was hurt in the blaze, and no other buildings were damaged.

A large plyboard on the front of the building reads, “the office is closed” with a frowny face spray-painted on for good measure. Investigators do not know how the fire started yet.

Lewisville Fire Department started receiving calls around 4:30 a.m. of fire coming from the office building. By the time firefighters reached the building, smoke was visible rising from the roof. Radio traffic describes the building already being filled with flames when firefighters reached the scene.

Police cut off traffic on Fox Avenue to the north, and firefighters opened multiple lines of water to douse the building. LFD spokesperson Ruth Woodward described almost the entire fire department going to the call, with six engines and a truck, as well as a truck from Flower Mound, going to the call. Radio traffic does not slow down until after 6 a.m.

Woodward said chief investigator Mark Richards will investigate.