LISD ending school budget rollover effective next year


The Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees approved a budget amendment to end the rolling forward of campus funds next year, as well as $1.8 million worth of hardware contracts at its regular meeting Feb. 12.

The budget amendment was in relation to a policy that predates many of the board members. Since 2012, up to 20 percent of a school’s budget has been allowed to be rolled over into the next fiscal year. In a workshop discussion Feb. 7, board member Jenny Proznik said the idea was that since some principals would return money to the district every year with pride and others would spend every penny no matter the use, installing a rollover would take those considerations away.

However, CFO Mike Ball and his team found that most principals were simply using 80 percent of their annual budgets, plus the 20 percent that rolled over from last year as part of their regular funding stream.

“On many of the campuses, we’re just carrying forward a very similar amount from year to year, so all we’re really doing is just shuffling paper,” Ball said. “Most principals just use this now as part of their funding stream for the second half of the fiscal year.”

Some members of the board were cautious about giving principals the incentive to spend to their budget.

“I don’t want a punishment because someone either spent all their budget or didn’t spend all their budget,” board member Jenny Proznik said.

The board voted to have up to 20 percent of this year’s budget roll over as planned and then end the practice next year, hoping that principals will spend all that they need of fiscal year 2020’s budget in fiscal year 2020.

The hardware contracts will go toward expanded security camera systems, as called for in last year’s bond package, and new contracts for Internet service after the current one expires in June. The bulk of the expenditures, just under $1.5 million, will go toward 1,344 new security cameras, 843 inside schools and 501 outside them. According to board background material, the project is expected to be complete in September and come in under budget.

For continued Internet service, the board contracted with United Private Networks for three years and ESC XI Consortium for five years at the total combined cost of $306,000.

The Board of Trustees holds one monthly regular meeting at the Bolin Administrative Center, 1565 W. Main St. in Lewisville. Check for schedule and agendas.


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