Lewisville city and ISD candidate voting histories


As we do most years, we have obtained the voter file and compiled the voting histories of candidates for Lewisville City Council and Mayor, as well as for the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees.

A history of voting in local elections shows that a candidate has been engaged enough to follow through with that they are able to do as a regular citizen.

You can view our compiled history in one handy PDF file here.

Here are the candidates for Lewisville City Council: (Click to enlarge)

Compiled by Steve Southwell. Data from Denton County Elections.

Note that for comparison’s sake, we threw in voting history of sitting members who are not up for re-election this year. Most candidates had a fair history of voting in local elections (marked with pink background). Penny Mallet voted in only one out of the seven local elections listed. Mary Smith voted in four locals, while Winston Edmondson voted in five. Ronni Cade voted in six. Neil Ferguson and Rudy Durham each voted in seven.

Here are the Lewisville ISD Candidates: (Click to enlarge)

Candidate voting history compiled by Steve Southwell with data from Denton County Elections

Sandra Weinstein had only one local election under her belt, but has only been in the district for about three years. Likewise, David Hernandez had only voted in the March primary, since he just turned 18 and would not have been able to vote in prior years.

Deniese Riemenschneider voted in three local elections, and Allison Lassahn has voted in five. Kronda Thimesch has voted in six.

Data limitations:

Data may not be complete for elections prior to 2005, or if a voter’s registration was effective after the date of a listed election. Voters can and do move into and out of the county and/or districts. For this reason, the charts include the number of years living in the district, as each candidate has indicated on their ballot application. The effective registration date is also listed for each candidate. All data is provided by the Denton County Elections office, and compiled by The Lewisville Texan Journal. Check our work…

Note – 4/23:  This story was corrected from an earlier version.  The charts were correct, but we incorrectly listed the number of votes for Allison Lassahn, which has been corrected above.


    • Allison, you’re right. The chart was correct, but my words were not. My old eyes must have skipped a line. It has been corrected. I am sorry about that.

  1. Not to be too picky on an item of little change, but I notice that Brandon Jones was not registered to vote in Lewisville until 3/31/2012, thus not eligible to vote in the May 2011 election. Therefore, it look as though he has voted in 100% of the elections in which he was registered/eligible to vote, vs 92% shown.

    • That’s probably right, David. We couldn’t be sure on that one, so we left it alone. That’s why we put the number of years out to the right. 7 years from 2018 should be about 2011, but people don’t always register immediately when they move. Depending on when he moved in, he may or may not have been eligible that year.

      Likewise with Weinstein, who has only been here 3 years or so. She could have been a very consistent voter in her previous location, but this data would not tell us.

      For these reasons, voting percentage is not a really good indicator, except on those for whom we have a voting history that goes the whole length of the period.

  2. I would like to respond to my voting record. In 2017 I was undergoing massive cancer treatments everyday, was very ill from them, and missed that election. In 2016 there was a family emergency and I was not in town on election day. I did not early vote and therefor missed the election all together. It was hard lesson on why it is important to DO early voting. My voting record on all other elections speaks for itself.

  3. I need to also state the my registration date ONLY reflects the date that I registered my new change of address. I was registered to vote long before then

    • Yes, and because a change of address could affect voting history as shown on the list, we wanted to have that shown so readers could understand that any elections prior to that date may or may not have been voted in. Maybe when we do this next year, we’ll publish both dates to avoid confusion.

  4. From Denton County Elections:

    Eligible to vote Yes
    Full Name VERONICA M. CADE
    Date Of Birth 1962
    Street Address 753 S POYDRAS ST
    Status Active
    Registration Date 11/02/1982
    Precinct 3018


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