Election Results: Lewisville Council Runoff 6/16/2018


Live Blog

Update 6/18, 3:53 p.m.

We’ve been hesitant to fully call this election because of mail-in and provisional votes that may still come in, but Ferguson’s victory appears assured.

According to the Denton County elections office, there were 32 mail-in votes that will be counted today, and there are seven overseas votes that are still unaccounted for. Even if all of those votes come in for Cade, they don’t combine to make up for Ferguson’s current 46-vote lead. Deputy elections administrator Brandy Grimes said all provisional ballots have already been accounted for.

8:33 p.m.

With 16 of 22 precincts reporting, Ferguson maintains a lead of 46 votes.  Today’s total is 253, which matches our last total at the polls. We think the counting is really done for tonight.

Ferguson is the presumptive winner.

7:18 p.m.: 

The election judge from Lewisville’s polling location told us that it will take him about an hour to deal with what he has to do at the polling location, and he probably will not get the ballots to Denton until 8:30 or so.  So we will start looking for updates at the earliest around 8:20 p.m.

One thing worth noting right now, since this looks like a close race:  There may be some provisional ballots for the election, in which case they may or may not be counted by  Friday, June 22 – depending on whether the voters can produce proof of eligibility.  Mail ballots could still come in until as late as Monday from absentee voters.

So, there’s a slight chance that we either won’t have a clear winner tonight, or it will be too close for either to properly celebrate.

7:06 p.m.:

Early results are in. Ferguson leads with 52.38 percent of the vote in early voting  Ferguson has a 57 vote lead.  That lead is too narrow to call.  Today saw about 253 votes added, so it’s still anyone’s race.

By our calculations, Ferguson needs to keep 93 of today’s votes in order to maintain a lead.  Still, there may be provisional ballots outstanding.

In Flower Mound, Steve Dixon appears to have the lead in the mayoral runoff between him and Cathy Strathmann with 52.79 percent of the vote.

3:30 p.m.:

As of 1:30, half way through voting, the count in Lewisville was 146.

12:30 p.m.:

As of about noon, there had been 107 in-person voters at the annex.  At this rate, it would put the vote count at about 257 by the end of the day.  We suspect it will pick up a bit as people get out and about in the afternoon.  If I had to guess, I’d say it will end up being 350-400.

10:00 a.m.:

Early and mail-in voting turnout has been strong.  So far, 395 ballots have been cast by mail — a number far stronger than in past years — and 788 in-person early ballots have been cast.  That totals 1,183 going into election day.

Back in May, the Place 2 race had 2,303 votes, with 393 by mail, 1,249 early, and 661 on election day.  Ferguson got 47.63 percent of that vote, and Cade got 32.96 percent.  Mary Smith, who got 19.41 percent of the vote, threw her support to Ronni Cade.

Cade may be a challenger, but she is not an outsider.  The former councilwoman received endorsements from State Rep Ron Simmons, County Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell, and the firefighters’ union.  Despite Ferguson’s incumbent advantage, we think this race is too close to pick a likely winner.  Both candidates have been campaigning hard and have vocal supporters.

Some voters received an anti-Ferguson smear postcard Friday from an out-of-town PAC promoting Ronni Cade.  The paid-for message on the postcard was literally hidden in the shadows of a photo. Cade was angry about the mailer and spent part of Friday night defending herself in online conversations condemning the partisan mailer. Neither candidate has publicly gone after the other, both preferring to run civil campaigns.